COVID 19 Buttons

COVID 19 Buttons

COVID 19 Buttons

The COVID 19 buttons are made to assist people in both testings and working around the virus. All the COVID 19 buttons are an electrical button, they do not communicate in any way.

The COVID 19 Buttons are durable - strong - robust, its the same type used for exit buttons, the type of buttons that take a lot of abuse. 

With more testing and more changing conditions surrounding this COVID 19 virus, it's important to have ways to direct people, call for support to prevent further infection, and ways of calling for COVID 19 services when needed.

The range of COVID 19 buttons are designed to bridge the gap between the electrical systems and the current situations, by allowing easy to identify buttons for triggering anything from a simple door to a complex paging service. 

Example Of Use

- COVID 19 Alert Button, this is used to activate a device to alert others, the button can be hard wired to your current alert system.

COVID 19 Testing Button - Used to direct people in the right direction of testing by opening a door or ringing a doorbell. 

COVID 19 Emergency Button - This button is used when an emergency or outbreak is about to happen, and calling for support 

- COVID 19 Tested Button - This button could be used to open a door to lead people in that direction, or for sample room, or to count the number of tests that have been done

We have a number of COVID 19 buttons available, if you require a custom made button, please email your requirements and quantity to

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