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Door Wrap Door Signs

If only you could have a way of informing people on the outside of the door of the current situation without sticking a notice to the door that can be easily removed. 

Well, now you can. 

This Door Wrap Door sign is designed to be temporally attached to a door without drilling holes or tapes and glues. The Door Wrap Door Signs is designed to slip over the edge of the door. With a clearance of 50 mm this Door Wrap Door Sign can be suited for almost all doors from 50 mm - 32 mm. 

Once the Door Wrap Door Signs is placed over the edge of the door, the door can be closed to trap the Door Wrap Door Sign and prevent removal. 

The door now has a clear sign on the door that can not be removed without opening the door. If you are trying to prevent people from entering, this door sign is for you.

Situation. In the event of an eviction, often notice is placed on the door to prevent the newly evicted tenant from re-entering. If a notice has been stuck to the door, it can be removed and the evicted tenant can call another locksmith and gain entry, most of the time without damage or any sign of entry. In this situation, after months of work and often court orders, the tenant has simply re-accessed the property, causing more time and money to again remove the tenant or stop the tenant from entering the property. 

This product will prevent this. 

If any contractor or Locksmith was to see a Door Wrap Door Sign fitted to the door, they will then be aware of the current situation. They will also be aware that any entry into this property will be a criminal offense. This will stop any Locksmith from opening the door. What's more, is the owner's or agents number is displayed on the door for further information or access. 

Other Applications.

  • Warning sign - prevent the door being opened 
  • Danger sign - danger behind the door
  • Painting in progress
  • Room in use sign 
  • Temporary out of service sign
  • Crime scene sign
  • Do Not Enter Cleaning In Progress

We can custom print a sign to suit your needs, Simply buy "Custom Sign" and email our staff what you want on the sign.  use your order ID in the subject

Door Wrap Door SignsDoor Wrap Door Signs

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