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Mul-T-Lock High Security Euro Cylinder - Chrome

If you are in the market to buy a lock cylinder and change your lock to a new key, then consider Mul-T-Lock, this cylinder will provide you much more security. For retail shops that do not want the keys they issue to staff to be duplicated, MUL-T-Lock will provide security against unauthorised key duplication. For customers that need a lock that cannot be lock picked, Mul-T-lock will provide protection against this type of attack as well. Bump keys are still a problem in Australia; Mul-T-lock can protect you against lock bumping as well. This lock is designed to be high security. Every way that locks are defeated or opened or bypassed has be addressed by the Mul-T-lock company. This is the type of lock you would install if you are serious about keeping people out. Standard locks keep standard people out, but not professional burglars, Mul-T-lock dose. Its worth paying a little more per lock cylinder for High security locks. MUL-T-Lock is a high security product and will provide much more protection, compared to standard lock cylinders. If you are purchasing a lock cylinder, consider Mul-T-Lock You will need to buy the cam for the back of the lock; standard cams are not compatible with Mul-T-Lock

Each lock cylinder comes with 2 keys, unless you wan't the lock "keyed alike" then it will come with 2 keys in total. If you are ordering more then one Mul-T-lock cylinder, and you want the locks to all be the one key, select "key alike my order" and your Mul-T-lock cylinders will all be working on the same key, even if they are different types of Mul-T-Lock cylinders.

? Allow 2 weeks you Mul-T-lock order

? High security cylinder

? Resistant to lock picking ? Extremely hard for a professional locksmith to open

? Keys can not be duplicated - without consent

? High tech keys with floating element ? Security pins inside lock

? Resistant to drill attacks ? 2 Keys ? Card for duplicating keys in the future

? Euro Cylinder, suit standard commercial grade handle locks or lever

? MUL-T-Lock is made to the highest quality standard

Finish is Chrome plate

This item is made to order and is NON RETURNABLE. All parts are custom made to suit the customer's order.  

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