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Brava EA Commercial Grade Entrance Lock - Brass


Commercial Grade Entrance Handle Lock- Polished Brass

This lock is suitable for unit front doors or fire door, where you need a lock with a fire rating. This lock is commercial grade, and stronger and easier to use then a lot of others on the market. To lock you simply press the button on the inside, and unlock with the key from the outside. Full instructions and all parts are included. You have the option for the backset 60-70-127mm backset


  •  Heavy duty lock
  • Fire Rated
  • Strong and reliable quality
  • Silver in colour "Polished Brass" / Gold
  • Adjustable to suit door thickness
  • Lock options available " Entrance - Passage,etc
  • 6 pin key - Restricted key compatible
  • Suitable for unit front doors and commercial applications
  • Optional Backset .. 60mm, 70mm, 127mm
  • Suit left and right handed doors
  • Security Shield optional
  • 2  keys included






Functions :

Entrance - The lock has a button from the inside you can push to lock the lock from the outside. You can then use the key to unlock the lock. The lock will remain open unless locked. Normally used on front doors and offices, or rooms.

 Backset -

Backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the hole in the door for the lock body.  Normal sizes are 60mm - 70mm - 127mm



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