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Gainsborough Deadbolt Cylinder Part


Gainsborough Deadbolt Adaptor Part 

This is a replacement adaptor for a Gainsborough deadbolt. This little part is commonly broken. This little part is often hard to find and almost impossible to order. We now stock and sell this part. If you find your deadbolt deadlock does not work  as it should, have a look at the back of the lock by unscrewing the screws and removing the lock cylinders from the door. You will then see 2 screws on the inside of each cylinder. Once removed you will see the part in the photo. If it is broken we can sell you a new one. Save money and not have to replace the entire lock.

  • Suits Gainsborough Deadbolt Deadlock
  • Save money and repair your lock
  • A lot cheaper then replacement locks
  • Easy to replace
  • Easy to install
  • See additional images for more info 
  • This is an after-market part - original no longer made
  • Made from stainless steel = stronger 

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