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Ford Mustang House Key 3D


Ford Mustang House Key 

This 3D house key is a real key and can be use everyday, simply have your standard house key cut on this key blank. See the list of numbers below to see if your key is compatible

  • Real Key
  • Ford Mustang House Key 3D
  • Genuine Ford merchandise.
  • 3D Shape
  • Sold on Display Card
  • Logo On Both Sides
  • LW4, C4 , LK11, LD4 , LKW5 , LC12, 803, LCW13, OZ4


This is a normal Lockwood key, you can match the numbers above to your key, or you can email us a photo if you would like us to check if your key is the same. Also see related images tab, their is a photo of the key and an image of the shape, to help match it up.

See the video for more info !!

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