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We sell a wide range of lock cylinders to suit most locks, If you are looking for a replacement lock cylinder, we can help. We have lock cylinders with matching keys. We can match all your locks keys so that they are keyed alike. You can save time and money and change your own lock cylinders. If you are ordering more than one lock our locksmith can match all your locks to the one same key ?if compatible?. As cylinders come in all shapes and sizes models and functions, make sure you know what you are purchasing for, for example, you generally cant fit a 4 pin cylinder into a 6 pin cylinder lock!  So when purchasing cylinders, make sure you have, or a buying a lock that the cylinder can marry to. If you need help choosing the right cylinder, or the lock cylinder you actually need is not listed, please email our locksmith and we will find it and have it added to the catalogue

If you need a locksmith in Parramatta or Sydney to change your locks

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