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Small locks are used on lockers, mailboxes, cabinets, desks, filing cabinets,wardrobes,gates and other applications to name a few.

Most of the locks listed are known as cam locks and come in different lengths and different locking cams at the back. We have a new range of small cam locks and even high security cam locks as well as combination cam locks. If you need a small lock or small cam lock part and it?s not listed,

please email us or email a photo and we will have it added to our catalogue .

If you need some direction in the right small lock to purchase, send a photo of the cabinet or the like and we can move you into the right direction. As some small locks are designed for latching, some are designed to secure metal and others are specifically designed for wood. Again if you would like some assistance email us or have one of our Master locksmiths come to your home and install any small locks for you. Dr Lock Locksmith Parramatta Sydney One of the biggest sellers in our small locks range are the combination cam locks and the gem locks, and they are used to illuminate mailbox theft from unit blocks mail boxes.

Are you at risk of identify or mail theft? One alternative is have your mail delivered to a PO box, but this can be inconvenient and has an annual cost of more than $130.00. If you are living in a unit why not bring up mail theft at your next general Strata meeting, for less than $20.00 you can buy a bump proof lock which secures your mail, also if you order more than $150.00 worth it is couriered free.

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