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Window locks come in a vareity of colors and styles to suit different window designs. We have locks for sliding windows and wind out windows as well as sash window locks.We also stock a wide range of locks and colours,metals, and metal finishes, decorative locks, or modern, brass or steel, powder coated or satin finished steel we will have what you are looking for. We are continuosly  adding more window locks to the catalogue. If you find a lock that you need that is not listed on our shop, please email our locksmiths and we will have it listed on our lock shop as soon as possible .

Window locks can be fiddly and cumbersome locks to install. Because windows  frames are made from various materials such as timber, aluminium, or concrete it is integral you choose the most appropriate lock for your windows. If you have any doubts or are unsure email us a photo of the window and we can direct you to an appropriate purchase. Alternatively, call our  locksmith Sydney Locksmith Service  . We service the Northshore, and Hills district, and Western Sydney areas. Especially if you are nervous about drilling holes near glass!  Also, consult with your homw or business insurer as some insurers will lower your annual premium of you have window locks correctly installed.

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