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Handle & Lever Locks - Dr Lock Shop

Handle & Lever Locks - Dr Lock Shop

Handle locks come in different colours and different lock functions and different shapes. The most common is the online catalogue. If you cannot find what you are looking for please email our locksmiths and we will find the handle lock you need and list it on our  online store.

Our locksmith alos install locks in Parramatta & Sydney - Locksmith service


  • Entrance = Key on outside & button to turn on inside to lock
  • Passage = No lock always unlocked on both sides
  • Privacy = Button on the inside to lock and emergency turn to unlock from the outside
  • Storeroom = Locked always on outside & unlock with key. Inside is always free
  • Escape = Key lock and unlock outside, switch or button locks and unlock outside, inside always free to exit
  • Dummy = Dose nothing, it is the same shape. It?s just a handle 
  • Glass Door = key both sides, both sides locked / unlocked
  • Classroom = unlocked untill key locked from outside, inside always free
  • Institution = Locked on both sides at all times, key will open from both sides, lock remains locked

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