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Tools & Workshop - Dr Lock Shop

Tools & Workshop - Dr Lock Shop

Tools & Workshop

 We have a number of professional locksmith tools for sale, as well as key cutting machines and parts. This section is for people that cut keys or installs locks.

We sell the tools that professional locksmiths use. If you are a caretaker for a massive unit complex or a Handyman by trade, it can be beneficial and save you man-hours and money to possess your own key cutting machine, daily, our locksmiths are called out to apartment complexes because a resident has lost their key or their mailbox, or the key to the common area, etc you get the picture!!

Within months the key cutting machine will be able to pay for itself. We have key cutting kits for sale in addition, creating potential of income and at the very least convenience for the tenants. What about the local Handyman, Our general tools can be of great assistance to the Handyman as it will get the job done with a professional finish, obviously, not all locksmithing tools can be available for sale to the general public, but we have a sound range which can be useful to the average joe, who will use this tools over and over again.