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Lockwood Door Viewer 160"


Lockwood Door Viewer 160" View - Lockwood Brand

 If you have a vunerable family member living alone this product is a must! The door viewer is an excellent idea to see who is at your door before you open the door. This makes the door stronger against attacks, because the door is still locked. A door viewer is stronger then a door chain, because you do not have the door open at all to see who is knocking. The door viewer is easy to install with one single drill hole. The door viewer is adjustable. You simply screw one half from the front and one half from the back, seuit door thickness from 32mm to 51mm. You will need to drill a 13mm hole to install.

  • Display pack
  • Chrome finish
  • 160* View
  • Adjustable 32mm - 51mm
  • 13mm Install hole
  • Easy to install
  • Glass Lense
  • Fire Rated
  • Can be used on unit doors - Fire Rated

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