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Lockwood Deadlatch 001 - Metal Frame - Lever



 The Lockwood Deadlatch is a suitable lock for metal frame applications. This lock is suitable for unit front doors which require a Deadlatch lock with a fire rating.This lock is made by ASSA who also makes the Lockwood, Whitco, Abloy  locks, with the same shape and functions. With full instructions, this lock is  easy to install and takes a professional locksmith about 20min to install under ideal conditions. There are also optional extras for this lock to help you get the maximum security. You can select the option to add a packing plate needed. This packing plate is needed if the door is lower than the frame. The door and the frame should be at the same level, if the door is not the same level you can add a packing plate under the lock to lift the lock to the same level as the frame. Each packing plates is 3mm thick. This lock is an automatic Deadlatch deadlock. When you close the door it is automatically is locked and you would need to use a key from the out side to open it. From the inside you simply turn the knob to unlock. This lock make it easy to escape in the even of a fire. One of the extra functions of this lock is ?Hold back? which means you can simply turn the knob to turn the lock off, this is a handy feature if you want to go in and out of the door with out having to use a key to get back in each time. One other function of this lock is double locking, this means when the lock is locked with a key from the inside and slammed shut, it will need a key to open from the inside. and when the lock is activated from the outside the inside is automatically released and then can be freely turned. This is extra security for people living on ground floor units. If a burglar was to break in through a window they would not be able to leave through the front door, which reduces the possible amount of goods that can be stolen by making the burglar have to leave the way the entered. Note* Double locking should not be used when the premises is occupied,. The main front door of most units is the main fire exit and should always be kept free and easy to exit.

Locksmith grade quality lock. This lock is commonly fitted by locksmiths because of the quality and because it is a recognized lock suitable for unit doors.

  • 2 Keys included
  • Instructions included
  • For metal frame doors
  • Safety release (automatically unlock the internal knob upon entry)
  • locking bolt automatically deadlatches when door is closed
  • 60mm backset
  • suits door thickness 30mm to 45mm
  • hardened steel ball in latch bolt resists cutting
  • hold back function
  • concealed anchorage points
  • door frame strengthener
  • 3mm packer also available
  • finished in satin chrome
  • Ideal for disable people or elderly
  • Installation not included











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