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Minion Angry Bird House Key


Minion Angry Bird House Key 

If you like the Angry Birds, or you know someone that does, you can buy this house key and have it cut to suit your locks. This is a standard house key and works just the same as any other key you have. There iare some large advantages of having a key like this on your key ring.

  • Easy to see and find day / night
  • Large key head make it easy to turn in lock
  • Has a 3D colourfull key head
  • Angry Bird Minion

Just take them to you local key cutter preferably a locksmith for cutting.

Lockwood key profile. Suit Lockwood locks, BDS locks, Brava, Whitco, and more.

  •          C4
  •          LW4
  •          LK11
  •          LD4
  •          LWO-1D
  •          LKW5
  •          LC12
  •          803
  •          LCW13
  •          OZ4

If you have Gainsborough locks you can select TE2 key blank

This is a list of refrences for Gainsbrough 

  • TE2
  • A107
  • 1182
  • TS1
  • TES5
  • TES-5
  • TS7R
  • GR10
  • TE4
  • TES5
  • 239
  • 252



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