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Safes CMI High Security - Dr Lock Shop

CMI Safes

CMI is a well known brand in the safe industry in Australia, the safes are made in Australia, one of the few products left that are Australian made. CMI safes have been building safes since 1940.

CMI safes are made from real steel, using some of the strongest methods and quality locking systems.

Don't be fooled by cheap imported safes that are made from sheet metal, and low quality safe locks, If you want a real safe made to keep people out and give you real protection for your belongings and valuables, use CMI

  • When selecting a safe ? things to consider
  • Does the safe have an insurance rating ?
  • Is the safe fire rated ?
  • What is the safe made from ?
  • What locks are used ?
  • Don't pick a safe based on looks

 Just because you see a safe that looks cheap at your local hardware does not mean you are getting a good deal. Imported safes from China are imported, imported products and based on weight.Good looking lightweight safes are more profitable for the imported, but not good for the end users that has a low quality safe with little real protection. The more the safes is in weight the more the importer has to pay, and then resell the safe for. Imported safes are made from low quality steel and often not very heavy because they are not constructed from thick steel, most of the time the metal is paper thin and filled with concrete to give the impression of strength. Don't be fooled by cheap safes.

CMI use real safe locks!!

A safe is designed to keep people out, who what happens if you buy a cheap safe and the lock fails or falls apart? You will be having the safe open by a locksmith, and it's not cheap. If you invest in a real safe lock that is well known in the industry and used commercially, you will have years of reliable service. CMi use brands like "La Guard" S&G " Ross " just to name a few lock brands, these are some of the best brands of safe locks available in Australia.

Invest in a safe.

Its rear theses days that anything last more than a few years, but good old steel and quality manufacturing mean you will get years of service from your investment.. Any locksmith can tell you a 20 year old CMI safe will still work the same as the day it was bought and installed, if installed properly and in proper conditions. No imported safe can compare.

Think big **

You can always use the extra space, photos, money, laptops, and more. If you buy a small safe you will find it fills up very quickly, once you know that anything you put in your safe is protected and cannot be stolen, most people seem to find more and more belongings they just don't want stolen and filling the safe becomes easy.

Locks and alarms will never compare to the strength of a safe. If you can't stop them from getting in, stop them from taking your most valuable possessions.

Delivery is about $250 around Sydney, this includes standard installation, access, steps, location can make installation more expensive, Installation is done by a separate contractor provided by CMI.

Please email our Locksmith your details, we will pass them on to the installer to confirm the delivery cost.You can pay for installation on the day. You pay for the safe now. Pickup can be organised from Carlton, NSW 2218 ?

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