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  • Key Safe - Supra - S7 - Holds Keys & Cards

Key Safe - Supra - S7 - Holds Keys & Cards


Black Supra Key & Card Safe S7

This is a combination key and card safe. You install this in a sensible accessible location such as the garage or side of the home. If forget your keys you can use the spare key you savviliy stored in your key safe. Its much better then leaving a key in the garden! This key safe can also be used in the event of an  emergency such as unexpected family rocking up,  and for people who need other people to have access such as nurses or carers.

One example for this key safe is .....

If a person has had a fall and broken a leg or is badly hurt, you can call the ambulance and after telling them the address, you would say  "the key is in a small box next to the door - the code is 1234 let your self in" And the emergency services would be able to enter with out having to break down the door to save the person.

This key box is also a life saver with teenagers who forget or lose keys all the time..

  • Colour is black
  • Lock is push button
  • Code is resettable
  • Style is Clamshell
  • Holds keys and access cards
  • Strong and solid design

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