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Lockwood Handle lock Scar Ring


Door Ring Scar Plate

This ring is used to go under the lock / Handle lock to cover the door. Most common use for this ring is when the lock has been drilled in the wrong spot, or if there is damage to the door which you would like to cover. By using this ring it allows you to have a professional finish when conditions are not ideal or when this is damage. This ring is suited to the Lockwood 530 style handle or lever lock. it is compatible with most other handle locks and deadbolts.

?         Covers damage to the door

?         Outside diametre 83mm

?         Inside diametre  54mm

?         Thickness 1.5mm

?         Stainless steel

?         Finish is stainless steel

?         Suit Lockwood 530 lockset

?         Compatible with a lot of other locksets and deadbolt locks.


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