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Key Competition Key System

Key competition can be a grate way to give away prizes and provide a good structure to a promotion. Key compactions are not a new idea, they have been in use for many years and its simple to run and understand the concept.

Everyone gets a key, and if your key opens you win.

You can also buy a clear box to suit click this link 

Its $2.20 per key. All keys are made to the order. $60 is the setup fee to create the key system +the cost of keys 

Having a successful key completion needs to be planned and structured to prevent any unexpected problems. Having too many winners can cause problems and too few winners can also be a problem. All the keys need to be correct and the non winning keys need to not work the winning lock.

All key systems from Dr Lock are checked and rechecked to give the highest quality and allow your competition to be successful.

5 Reasons why you need the keys done right.

1. Guarantees no extra keys will work accidently

2. Guarantees the number for winning keys

3. No ugly old funny looking keys

4. The winning lock will work with high use non working keys

5. No metal splinters of key jamming in the lock

How It works

  • You pick the number of working keys
  • You pick the number of non-working keys
  • You pick the lock
  • We set the lock to accommodate the competition
  • See images to see avalable locks
  • Return the keys after use for a refund 10% For recycling 

**You can use your lock if compatible and we can supply you keys that you can have cut, so all the keys look the same. Please email our locksmiths if you want to supply your own lock.

Thing you want to avoid when running a winning key promotion.

  1. Keys jamming
  2. Too many winning keys ?Phantom keys?
  3. Keys that look different Old ugly used keys
  4. A lock jamming from high use
  5. Brass splinters that your customers get from the keys
  6. Winning keys not working

? To prevent mistakes and the promotion going wrong, have your completion key system done right and correctly made to ensure a successful event.

? Getting a bunch of old keys and trying to save money on a key competition with winning keys will most likely cause the promotion to fail.

?***********     You are buying the key system setup, padlock and keys are extra when you select the quantity

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