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Old shape Wardrobe Key S1

Old shape Wardrobe Key S1

Old shape Wardrobe Key S1

  • Brand: BDS
  • Product Code: Old Shape Wardrobe Key
  • Availability: 1-3 Days
  • $5.49

  • Ex Tax: $4.99

Fancy Old Key - Master Key - S1- Wardrobe - Desk - Cabinet

This old shape key is a common key for many locks from 1940's to the present. This key is for wardrobes, desks, bookshelves, notice boards or even cabinets. If the key goes into the lock there is a 80% chance of the key working. A lot of furniture and other household items that have an old type of key around the 1940's - 60's - 80's to now have used this type of lock which uses this key! For the small price it worth buying to try to see if its works. Its a lot cheaper than having a locksmith come to your place and hand make a key. Please note keys are non-refundable. There is a good chance of working! If your locks has any markings or names like Jackson, Chubb, 2 lever or 3 lever, then this key will not work. If you find any brand name or any markings on the lock, this key is likely not to work. You can always email us a photo of your lock and one of our locksmiths can tell most of the time if the key will work from a photo of the lock from the inside.The old shape of this key is something that had become a thing of the past. We have had a few customers who have found this key to excellent with art projects, or pendants or decorations or competitions and so on......

Bulk discounts available 

We do not refund or exchange keys - We DO NOT do "buy and try and return "

This keys has worked for

  • Desk locks
  • Wardrobes
  • Notice Boards
  • Decorative 50's cabinet
  • 1970's Wall-Fold out desk
  • Tv cabinet
  • Desk drawers
  • And other miscellaneous pieces of furniture
  • Chrome Plate Finish

Other Uses



  • Window displays
  • Ornamental
  • Lucky charms
  • Birthday Presents ?21st?
  • Furniture decoration
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Collectable
  • Jewellery
  • Art
  • Sculptures

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