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  • Screen Door Lock - Whitco Tasman MK3

Screen Door Lock - Whitco Tasman MK3


Screen Door Lock, Whitco Tasman MK3 Black

Now made by Yale 

This lock is a common lock that is fitted to screen doors or security doors. You can identify this lock from the shape of the latch. The lock handles come in different colours. This lock shown is the most common. If you would like to know if you have a MK2 or MK3 you can look on the edge of the lock for a small circle that will have it printed on the lock body. The MK2 has MK2 on the lock and the MK3 does not. See the video for more info below. The lock is easy to install and has full instructions included.

Features and Functions:

  •       Key lockable ? deadlock

  •     Inside switch for quick lock

  •       Key overrides quick lock function

  •       Slam shut

  •      3 point locking compatible - but not included

  •      Reversible

  •         Supplied in box

  •       Lock body is black colour standard

  •      Instructions included

  •      Screws and striker plate included

  •       Cylinder not included - Select Add cylinder if you want it

  •      3 Point locking part not included

    Cylinder not included 

To install this lock you simply need to place the lock body in cut out in the door. There are 2 screws for the lock body. Then put the lock in the locked position. The latch will pop out all the way. Insert the lock cylinder, and test. There is one screw for the lock cylinder. Now assemble the handles so that they operate with a downwards motion, and install the turn snip, simply put it in the hole and turn a quarter of a turn. Place the spindle ?the grey bit? through the lock for the handles to operate with and put the handles together and screw from both sides. Test the lock 3 times before locking into the frame, using you finger to depress the small top latch to simulate being locked into the frame. Note** only the big latch will go into the hole on the frame. The little one just get pushed in, when locked, Note** make shore the big latch is going all the way into the frame, if not the lock will not operate properly. Note** If the cylinder does not turn, remove it and use a screw driver to move the part inside the lock body up. This will allow the cylinder to line up with the lock internally.

Should you need this lock installed, our locksmiths are available for the local Sydney area. Service call and labour fees apply. 

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