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Security Warning Sign "Large" A3

Worried about someone  breaking-in to your premises ? If you already have a security system or not.  Tell thieves not to even think about breaking into your home with these Security camera Warning Sign. Although your home may already be protected by the most high-tech camera security system possible, it may not be obvious from the outside. By placing these warning decals in places where they are clearly visible from the street, you can effectively deter most would-be crooks from even considering the idea. And when you consider that they'll save you the cost and inconvenience of replacing broken windows and doors, this sign is  an absolute must!

A low cost burglar deterrent that really works. Normally you would have to spend thousands on a camera system to be able to display the security sighs. Well now we sell just the sign that will offer the same identification features as a high-tech camera system. The burglars don't know what kind of camera system you have or even if you have one at all. You are more then likely not to even be targeted if the burgles suspect that will trigger an alarm or get recorder on camera.

You need to display a camera sign if you wish to use the camera recording as evidence in accordance with Australian law.

  •  A3 size
  • 420mm x 297mm
  • UV resistant
  • weatherproof
  • Low cost security
  • visual deterrent

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