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Dr Lock Shop has key from old fashion keys to the new flick keys.

Are you looking for keys?

If it’s a key blank for an old car or just a fancy key for your key ring we sell it in our Lock Shop.

We also have keys made from the key code "Key Number" so if you do not have a key you can buy one cut from the key code in this section.

Please note: we do not have a buy and try option for key sales. Key and cut keys are not returnable and non-refundable. For people that would like to buy keys to try, keep in mind you will have to take that chance and you cannot return them. Most of our keys are cheap and low priced so finding that right key for you will not cost you as much as getting a Locksmith to make the key on site.

If you need help with your key, please email our locksmiths that can help you find the right key from our selection in the Dr Lock Shop.

Locksmith shop on-line with thousands of keys for your to buy, old keys to new keys and even car keys – see Dr Lock Shop for more info

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