Key Made From Photocopy Or Photo

Key Made From Photocopy Or Photo

This section is for people that need to have a key made from a photocopy or a photo, many real estate's and property managers photocopy keys as a record for rental properties 

When the lease ends often keys are lost and not returned. This leaves two options, have a locksmith attend the property and make a key from the lock or use the photocopy and re-cut the key.  

If you have a good photocopy of the key and its clear, our Locksmiths can use the photocopy in most cases and make a key. You can also use a close-up image from your mobile phone.  

Security keys and “do not copy keys” cannot be made.  

This service will suit for common house locks, window locks, mailbox locks.  

You can upload the photo before you purchase for our locksmith to check if you image is suitable to make a key from.

You can also email your photo to and we will respond to you by email if you image is suitable.  

Making a key from a photocopy requires extra time, so we charge accordingly. This is still cheaper than having a Locksmith come to you and make the key. 

If we the photocopy has a result of 2 or 3 possible keys, we will send them to you with the hope that one of the keys will work.  

Cutting a key from an image or photocopy is difficult and we take every effort to give you a key that is accurate, often our Locksmith cut the key by eye. Keeping this in mind,

we cannot give you a 100% guarantee it will work because of all the factors.  

All cut keys are non-returnable, and this service is for people willing to take a chance. 

We have a high success rate of about 80% or more.  

House Keys Only -- 

Not Restricted Keys --  

If you purchase and your image is not suitable or you key cannot be done we will refund you. Please upload a photo or email first if you are not shore and our Locksmiths will check.  

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