• Standard Key Blank From Number On The Back

Standard Key Blank From Number On The Back


Key Blank From The Number On The Back Of key

When you need to order keys, you will need the key number on the back of the key; this code is how keys are identified. When you need to order keys and they are from a different manufacturers, they will use different codes. The key blank code is a set of numbers or letters and numbers that are made when the key is made "They are not stamped in" the are small numbers that sit up. When you touch then you will feel they are higher and slightly raised. Numbers that are stampmed into the key are not used. See Picture

You can use this order form to order keys that are not listed or from different manufacturers

  • We will not supply "Do not Copy Keys? don?t try ordering them
  • This is for standard keys
  • Single sided keys - Not Car keys 
  • Minimum order is 5
  • Enter the number on the back of key
  • Enter the manufacturer
  • You can email our team if you need help
  • Keys will be supplied in the Silca brand or equivalent

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