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Kiosk Key Cutting Starter Package - Kit 7

This key machine is a fast semi-automatic key machine suitable for people who want to cut a key quickly and effectively. The machine is about 22 Kg in weight and sits firmly on any shop counter without the need to bolt the machine to the bench. The key machine offers 4-way jaws that allow you to hold all kinds of single and double-sided keys. The arm on the left of the machine allows you to move the carriage left and right, it quicker then a rotating handle like some of the other key machines use. The key machine has a buffing wheel on the right of the machine. 

This type of machine is the next step up from the smaller key machines that we sell, this machine is recommended for a key cutting kiosk - newsagency - real estate office

The difference between kit 6 and kit 7 is the keyboard and number of keys

2-3 week wait for this item 

  • East to use
  • 240v Power
  • 4 different jaws 
  • Can cut the house and side cut car keys
  • Semi-Auto
  • New  in the box
  • Keys included 
  • 690 keys included
  • Keyboard included
  • Keyboard size 940mm x 940mm 
  • Training videos available 
  • Parts are low cost, compared to other machines 
  • Parts are available, we stock most of the common parts
  • Key cutting flag sign to attract customers

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