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Lucky House Key


Lucky House Shape Key

Lucky House Key - If you are looking for a way to make your house key stand out or look more attractive then have a look at the new range of keys form Lucky. They have just released seven new shapes that will suit most people. These are real keys and are made to be used as a normal key. They also make excellent gifts and surprise presents.This key is a 6 pin Lockwood profile key ? see movie and notes to compare against your key. This key can be used for 5 pin Lockwood keys too, that are commonly used. Ask you key cutter to cut the key down to suit, if needed. Any good key cutter can perform this task

Reference for this key profile.

  • LW5
  • LK1
  • LD5
  • 228
  • 229
  • OZ4B
  • C4B

Also suit 5 pin locks ?If the key is cut down ? when cutting?

  • Lw4
  • LK11
  • LK12
  • LD2
  • LOW11
  • 4
  • LKW5
  • 803
  • OZ4

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