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Kaba SBM2 Short Backset Mortice Lock Kit 

This lock is commonly used on aluminum doors and places that have a limited space to install a mortise lock. This is a lock kit with inside and outside handles with the lock and cylinder. . When this lock is fitted with a lever, the lock then complies with building regulations and some fire regulations. This lock can be configured to be lock on both sides and just one.The lock cylinder is from one side only.This lock and the Lockwood 3582 are very much the same thing, same foot print and same functions.

* Allow 7 days to order this item, depending on demand at the time you order depends on the delay 

  • Commercial grade lock
  • Suit aluminum doors 
  • Lock backset 23mm
  • For hinged doors
  • Both handles inside and outside included
  • Lock cylinder included - 2 keys 

Option 1.  - Lock Function 

We will set the lock to this function, so all you will have to do is select the side you want free and the side you want locked

  • Storeroom  - Inside is free to exit & outside is always locked, you need a key to open the door from the outside
  • Calssroom -  The inside is always free - you can use a key to lock & unlock the outside handle


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