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  • Ross Mini Electric Strike

Ross Mini Electric Strike


Ross mini electric strike full metal frame

This electric strike is suitable for metal frame applications. You would use this electric strike in conjunction with an access control intercom system so that when power is supplied to the electric strike can simply push the door to open the door this electric strike new a new unique because of its size. This mini electric strike is designed to fit in the same place that a standard strike of fate would fit on a metal frame door jamb. To install this electric strike is a lot easier compared to other electric strikes on the market, this alleged strike only requires you to cut a small amounts of the frame out compared with other electric strike designs. If you need do is install an electric strike in a metal frame this new Ross many strike would be the ideal choice. Installation for the many strike is a lot quicker than previous installations where you are required to install a larger strike. Steel is often very hard to cut and can take a long time so by reducing the amount of steel that is needed to be cut to fit this electric strike means that this would be the ideal choice of other electric strikes. Please note that this electric strike is only suitable handle locks it is not suitable for mortise locks are mortise lock is a lock that sits on inside edge of the door, and handle lock is a lock which has handles on both sides and a small latch on the edge of the door.

  • suit handle lock
  • ideal for metal frame door jamb
  • easier to install then common electric strikes
  • made by Ross
  • one of the world's smallest electric strikes
  • 12 V DC low current drawer
  • Australian design
  • suit steel and aluminium frames
  • fail safe / fail secure

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