Locksmith Parramatta Dr Lock

Locksmith Parramatta Dr Lock

Welcome to Dr Lock Locksmith Parramatta, your premier locksmith service in Parramatta! As a trusted name in locksmithing, we specialize in safeguarding your security with precision and expertise.

At Dr. Lock, we understand the paramount importance of securing your property, and our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing unparalleled locksmith solutions tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re locked out of your home, need to upgrade your commercial security, or require emergency assistance, our locksmiths in Parramatta are here to deliver prompt, reliable service.

With Dr. Lock, your peace of mind is our priority. Experience the difference today and let us unlock the solution to your security needs.

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Our office is in Parramatta and we have locksmiths positioned in and around western Sydney as well as the Hills District.

For locks sales, our locksmith has put together an online locksmith shop to allow you to save time and money on your lock and key needs.


After-Hours Parramatta Locksmith service – Open 24 Hours When possible
One of the most popular services that we offer is a 24-hour locksmith service. With our around-the-clock dedicated service, our staff to come to your place day and night and get you back inside your home


Dr Lock is Licensed & Insured and trusted in the Parramatta community
Dr Lock is also proud to display the Asial membership logo. This logo is only available to trusted security professionals who meet the requirement that Asial outlines to be a trusted member.

ASIAL stands for (Australian Security Industry Association Limited).

Dr Lock Locksmith Parramatta is also a member of the Master Locksmith Association.

Dr Lock Locksmith Parramatta

Membership with a well-respected security association is just part of the recognised qualifications that Dr Lock has. All our staff not only have a police clearance/security license, but they have also been working in the trade as trusted professionals since as far back as 1997.

Dr Lock is  the Preferred and friendly Locksmith in Parramatta

One of the main factors that set Dr Lock Locksmith Parramatta apart from other security services and locksmiths in the area is our reputation and friendly service.

Mobile Parramatta Locksmith

Over the past 19 years that Dr Lock has been located in Parramatta, our team of locksmiths has built a strong reputation with a large number of building managers and real estate/strata agents because when they need a locksmith in a hurry and a locksmith that they can rely on for a professional service, they can simply call Dr Lock and have the locksmith work completed quickly and professionally.

With a large number of repeat customers, this is a good indication that Dr Lock is the preferred choice and also an essential service for businesses and for all other people in the community who require a locksmith or electronic security.

Our wide range of services includes lock opening, lock changing, lock repair and installation, making of new keys, selling of locks online, and many more. We are always available to improve the security measures of our clients.

With instant access to the fastest Locksmith in Parramatta, your security issues will be resolved in no time. We are known for our quality and workmanship.

At Dr Lock, we have the most advanced and latest machinery to meet the needs of our clients. We offer high-quality specialized services to meet the security needs of all our customers.

Locksmith Parramatta NSW

Domestic Locksmith Parramatta Sydney
If you are looking to have your house locks upgraded or set to a new key, our staff can help you.

Domestic locksmithing is one of the services that we provide, not only do we have highly trained locksmiths who are knowledgeable about domestic locks, but they also carry a large number of domestic locks with them at all times.

By having domestic locks available, it allows our locksmiths to quickly replace any locks that might not be working correctly. It is impossible to be equipped with every lock ever made, because if this, our locksmiths have access to our factory located in Parramatta that keeps even more locks in stock. Dr Lock provides knowledgeable locksmiths who are equipped to handle your domestic locks and key needs.

Commercial Locks and keys
With high-rise offices popping up on every corner of Parramatta it’s important to keep up to date with the security requirements that are needed for a locksmith in Parramatta.

So we can offer our customers the latest locksmith advice and security.

Dr Lock has trained their staff not only to service and install locks on homes and units but also to service commercial locks and security master keys.

Commercial locks often have a more durable design compared with domestic locks.

Commercial locks often have more particular lock parts that are required to make the configuration of the lock for whatever application is required. Often locks need to meet building guidelines such as fire regulations and access to a fire exit.

These is just some of the complex issues that are involved with commercial locksmithing. Dr Lock in Parramatta is able to help you with your commercial lock and key requirements.

We have a large range of locks and electronic security for your shop or office. Ask our about Security “Do Not Copy” Keys

Car Locksmith Parramatta NSW
Every week there is a new car released onto the Australian car market which by and large can be opened by our team of locksmith professionals.

As a locksmith in the modern era, it’s hard to keep up to date with so many changes. Dr. Lock can help you with car keys and making keys for cars for a select range of cars Our locksmiths try to stay informed and are always retraining to keep up with these changes.

We will always endeavour to help you, however, it’s impossible to offer services to all cars on the road, and if we can’t help you, Dr Lock Locksmiths will refer you to another automotive locksmith specialist.

Opening your car if you are locked or unlocking cars, is a service that we provide. Unlike making keys for cars, opening your car is a service that our locksmiths can offer to a wide range of cars.

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Your Local locksmith Parramatta Service 

We are located in Parramatta our office is in Parramatta NSW 2150. We do not have a Parramatta Locksmith Shop or key-cutting shop at our office, our office is a base location from where our locksmith comes between jobs.

Call To Make An Appointment 

Dr Lock Locksmiths are not always in the office, so it’s best to call to make an appointment. You can contact our locksmiths by phone or email

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Parramatta Locksmith NSW 

Locksmith Parramatta City


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Locksmith Parramatta Dr Lock — 14 Comments

    • We offer transparency in pricing, offer fixed rates, and our staff are qualified locksmiths. Many other people offering very cheap prices charge you a lot more to unlock a single lock; often they destroy the lock and sell you a new lock for hundreds of dollars. It’s best you read the reviews and horror stories about the company that’s offering that ridiculous price of $29 first

    • We typically only charge the call-out rate, and unlocking the locks is free in most cases. Unlocking the lock or lock picking for our experienced locksmiths is usually quick and straightforward, given their extensive 25+ years of experience. However, high-security or damaged locks may require additional work and charges. You can SMS a photo of your lock to our on-duty locksmith, who can provide you with a fixed price over the phone. This allows them to confirm the type of lock you have and offer you a fixed rate

    • It depends on the service you need. To have a locksmith come to your place, the prices start from $88 during normal business hours and may vary outside of business hours. If you need a locksmith to come to you and perform a lock repair or install a lock, this would be an additional cost on top of the service call. If you are in need of your door to be unlocked, then the common price for this service, to unlock your lock by lock picking, which does not damage the lock, is about $154. The price may increase if more locks are added or if you require this service late at night or outside regular business hours.
      “Feel free to call our locksmith and discuss your requirements. They will provide you with a fixed rate over the phone, ensuring you know the total cost of the work from the start.”

    • If you’ve locked your keys inside and find yourself locked out, the best solution is to call one of our locksmiths for assistance. With over 25 years of experience in lock picking, they can swiftly and affordably get you back inside

  1. How much does it cost to unlock a lock?
    I live in a unit in Parramatta, and Im renting, do you have a master key or can you open the lock without replacing or damaging it?

    • Yes, we can help with lock changing on your unit in Parramatta, simply call the number above and one of our locksmiths will make a time to change your locks and upgrade them if needed.

    • Any trade-qualified locksmith can manipulate the lock using lock picks. This method involves unlocking the lock by replicating the shape of the key without causing damage to the lock. If you’re locked out, don’t hesitate to call our locksmith. We specialize in using lock picking to safely get you back inside

    • Our locksmiths are highly trained and experienced in opening locks when keys have been left inside. With over 25 years of experience in lock picking, they have honed their skills to perfection

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