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So what is a

                Security Keys ?

A Security key is not the same as normal key, the ones you see and use everyday your house. Security keys cannot be cut at your local hardware. A Security key is a more secure key with a higher level of security and have a more complicated key shape and design compared to your normal brass standard key.

Security keys are always improving and reshaping to include more and more security and functionality. Some of the security features of these keys are listed below.

High Security Security Keys 

Security Key Sydneysecurity keyssecurity Locks and KeysDo not copy key IP restricted

Functions of Security Keys

  • Do not copy printed on the Security key
  • Anti copy technology
  • Anti lock bumping technology
  • Registered design
  • Anti lock pick tech technology
  • Personalised system numbers
  • Dealer’s marks
  • Lockout Security key option
  • Change key code option – without removing or replacing
  • Electronic access control embedded – Some models
  • Embossed dealer name

SO What’s the difference between a normal key and a Security Key?
There is a huge number of differences between security keys and regular keys. With a normal key you can simply take your key to any hardware or locksmith and have them duplicate the key.

Having a key that is easily duplicated is handy for the owner but, not if the keys are for an employee or a person you need to trust with the key. Security keys solve the problem of unwanted key duplication.

Lock bumping has been in the news lately as a new way to open locks, well it’s not new and is commonly used overseas.

These doses not mean that you don’t have to worry about it! Lock bumping can allow a burglar access and is just another way that you can get broken into.

Lock bumping and lock picking are in the same boat. Manipulating the lock via the key way to gain entry to the lock and activate the lock to open. Security keys help prevent this from happening.

The unique shape of a security key will reduce the chance of a burglar being able to make a bump key, as well as security pins installed in the lock cylinder that make bumping virtually impossible even for a trained locksmith.

Security key 2015 Sydney

All locks are not created equal, security keys and security locks have been designed to withstand force and attacks from people trying to gain entry to the lock.

Anti drill face with hardened pins to prevent drilling is just a few of the fancy words that locksmiths use to say “High security & very hard to open”.

For a locksmith to open a high security lock, it will require extra time and extra cost, because the lock is not designed to be easily opened, unless you have a key.

The locks are designed to keep people out and stop burglars. The standard locks you buy at your hardware shop are made from cheap materials and made as cheaply as possible.

The technology inside a cheap lock you buy from a hardware shop is technology that has been around for over a hundred years or more.

Security keys and security locks use the latest technology to protect the lock against attacks, and still provide reliable service.

Security keys can be installed on almost every door and lock fitting, to install a security key, you maybe required to upgrade your lock to a lock that can host a security key cylinder.

If your lock cannot host a security key cylinder, chances are that the lock is not very good, and should be replaced anyway.

Security keys are available to all customers’ not just commercial customers. With the increase of unit burglars in Sydney because of lock picking, security keys have become popular for unit doors. Strata unit complexes are also very popular places for security keys systems to be installed, providing accurate and reliable keys to all residents as well as giving the strata control of keys and helping maintain the buildings security to the highest level.

Standard keysecurity key lock systemBrava Lock for security keyDo not copy key lockwood restrictedDo not copy key KABA

  • Common places for Security keys to be used
  • Strata Units
  • Offices
  • Commercial shops
  • Units and apartments
  • Common areas
  • High risk building
  • Rental accommodation and short turn rentals
  • High security business

Key Cutting can be done by the authorised person or owner of the key system. When you have a key system installed you will be given an authorisation form to fill in.

This form is filled in with the people who are authorised to have keys duplicated. If you are not on the list ,you will not get keys cut.

Only the locksmith that installs the security key system will be able to cut you more keys, unless the security key system is a MUL-T-Lock system.

With Mul-T-Lock keys you are given a card that you can take to any authorised dealer to have more keys duplicated. Some key system have a low-level key authorisation system, this means that you can simply quote a number and have keys duplicated.

Each security key system is different and each locksmith has their own unique security key style. Even if another locksmith has the same type, they will still not duplicate the keys, and you will advise you to go back to the original locksmith.

Security keys use specially made key blanks that are not available unless you are an authorised dealer. Specialised key machines are also required to cut security keys, and only available to approved locksmiths.

Having a key made overseas is also not an option as most high security keys use advanced technology and floating elements / moving parts within the key to prevent this.
“Its not as simple as getting a file and shaping a key – it simply just work”

Leaving the only way to duplicate a security key is to return to the dealer, and be the authorised person

For all those new age people who love their gadgets, 3D printing can work for some keys but security keys are different, the higher in security the key is, the further away from working it will be, even if it does look like a perfect copy, it will not work in the lock.

We recommend security keys with floating elements to protect against 3D printing, not all security keys use this technology. Dr Lock uses the interactive MUL-T-Lock Security Keys that has such technologies embedded in the key!

What happens if I move? The locks remain with the premises? If you have moved and you no longer own or rent the premises, you can simply pass on the authorisation to the next person. Sending a letter can do this.

In the event that the old owner cannot be contacted, the new owner of the locks must provide proof of ownership of the premises.

In Short * Security keys are a much better choice, What’s the point in having a lock on your door if it provides little or no security against burglars. You only need to do a quick search or watch a few YouTube videos to see how easy lock picking is and how simple standard locks can be defeated.

If it’s worth keeping “put a lock on it”

Using standard locks from your hardware is like driving down the freeway in an old 1930’s car at 100 MPH,, Yes it should work, but you miss out on all the safety and technology that keeps you safe and on the road. Locks are much the same.

The price for security locks and security keys is more expensive for a reason.
“ you get more bang for your buck”

The locking mechanism is much more completed and designed with higher quality. For a standard cylinder for a standard lock you would normally pay about $30 for at your local hardware. For a security cylinder the price starts from $65 – 110 normally.

Keys are also more expensive ranging from $12 – 25 each. When you use your locks every day and your keys every day, its worth paying little more, the difference is substantial and quality and security.

Security keys are not complicated at all, we have locksmiths that do all the work and sort out all the requirements and compatibility.

Most of the time you can keep you current lock if compatible and simply upgrade the key cylinder. By using security keys you have the option to have master keys and lockout keys.

For more information on Master key systems and how master keys and security keys work, please speak with our Dr Lock locksmiths.

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