Stolen Mail Means Stronger Locks for Sydney Mailbox

Stolen Mail Means Stronger Locks for Sydney Siders

Mailbox Security it seems that burglars normally still from the inside of your property such as your house or unit or your  garage, but these days they are targeting mailboxes stealing mail which is an easier target and does not draw suspicion.

Thieves are able to steal large amounts of money and information which can be used for identity theft or to access your bank account all from your mailbox.

Over the past few years our Parramatta locksmiths have seen numerous buildings targeted where burglars have accessed the large number of mailboxes and remove mail without the owner’s knowledge.

 Security Mail Locks

This mail sometimes contains money / cheques / credit cards / bank statements or even other sensitive information can be used to set up a profile on the owner to be able to commit credit card fraud identity theft or other types of online fraud without the owner knowing that they have been targeted until it is too late and they left with large bills in their mail.

In Parramatta in the last year we have seen customers that have lost credit cards from them mailbox, these credit cards have then been activated without their knowledge, and then these credit cards have been used to the tune of well over $10,000.

This is just one example of the type of crimes that are happening in the Sydney West area is not only Parramatta it is also other areas such as Castle Hill Carlingford Pendle Hill Wentworthville just to name a few.

Mail Security Mailbox Lock

Mail Stealing

Mailboxes have been heavily targeted over the last year with thieves steeling mail. Now is the time to make some changes to your mailbox security to prevent this from happening to you.

Dr Lock locksmiths Parramatta has been upgrading mailbox locks with a custom security lock to provide your mailbox with more security.

Dr Lock security mailbox lock has a particular round shape key and the lock is interchangeable into most standard mailboxes without the need to modify the mailbox, leaving the option of fitting the old lock back in the same spot if ever needed or when tenants move out.

Security mailbox locks have been a necessary part of the security upgrades for some unit complexes, by upgrading security locks at the same time you able to save money and receive larger discounts on a large order bringing the price down to the $30-$40 range per lock.

Upgrade Your Mailbox Locks

With most unit complexes managed by strata agents, it is important to talk your strata agents if you live in a unit block, they will be able to make a note and ask the rest of the committee at the next general meeting.

If other people in the unit complex or villa complex have had similar problems with their mail, other residents may also agree to have their security locks upgraded and this can be a considerable saving to all the residents not to mention a considerable benefit to the resident’s security and their personal information is kept in their mailboxes.

Some Sydney locksmiths have been changing mailbox locks to a different brand in the hope to prevent burglars from accessing the mailboxes.

Master Keys & Key Numbers

This process is often about the same price and takes about the same our time to install, the difference is the locks which they have been installing still use a master key, and some of the locks still have key numbers printed on the front of the lock, also the locks can be dismantled picked. Lock picking is not a common problem with mailboxes but it is very easily done process mailboxes generally have low security locks and do not provide much resistance from lock picking.

The key number which appears on the front of the lock also represents the key this is a big security risk as anybody can take that number and reproduce and he from their local locksmith and come and access that mailbox with the key without any resistance and without any form of suspicion from the neighbors because they are using a key.

Low Security Lock

Low Security Lock

New Security Locks

The new security locks that Dr Lock locksmith Parramatta is using have a round type of key, you cannot use conventional lock picks open such a lock, in fact these security locks are a lot harder to lock pick them your front door lock and require a special lock picking tool which is hard to use even for a locksmith, it is most unlikely that you will have any problems with burglars are being able to lock pick the new security mailbox locks at Dr Lock provides, it is easier to break open a mailbox than defeat the lock which we install.

This blog has been posted to give all residents with mail issues and insight into mailbox security and the process in upgrading your mailbox lock and how not to upgrade to a low quality lock so you can prevent having to upgrade again.

We have a team of locksmiths in the Sydney West area and we can adapt our security mailbox locks to almost every mailbox will we have come across so far. If you have a lock on your mailbox and you would like to upgrade feel free to e-mail us a photo and the quantity that you need installed and we will be happy to supply you a quote. Extra keys are available at each lock comes with two keys.

This is just one of the unique security services that Dr Lock locksmith Parramatta offers compared to other Sydney locksmiths we aim to provide practical quality security that will offer new benefits for years to come.

Upgrade your Locks Today !

We also sell our security mailbox locks online now online lock shop you would like further information on this please go to our website and click on shop in the shop you will be able to find small locks where you can find our security mailbox lock which is available for sale.

Our locksmiths from time to time have to modify part of this lock to make compatible to some mailboxes, please note that this lock does not suit every mailbox lock from factory. Our locksmiths are very skilled in modifying these locks and use such devices such as metal presses, bending machines, cutting machines, and Vernier calipers to produce a professional finish, and custom make each lock to the mailbox lock for maximum locking protection.

Upgrade your Mailbox locks today to the new security Locks !


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  2. A nice article. Hardly anyone would notice or care about mail box security and would be more concentrated on home security in general. But reading this article people would come to know about the importance of mailbox security and what damage could be done if not having an appropriate security lock in there mail boxes. A knowledgeable and useful post. Thanks for sharing.

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