How Much Does A Locksmith Cost ? Price of a Locksmith ?

Price…This list is a general guide to some of our most common services and some of our standard prices. Prices do go up outside of normal business hours. For all prices outside of 10 am – 4 pm please call our locksmith for the price. All prices below include GST.

The Price ……

The prices are only relevant for the Parramatta area.Other locksmiths charge different prices, and this price list should be used as a guide only.

Times outside of normal business hours and public holidays and well as weekends are charged a different rate. Often the later it is at night the more it will cost you.

If we have a locksmith close to you, our locksmiths will often make a deal and do you a cheap price, even if it is late at night. It’s best to speak with our locksmiths to get an accurate price outside of business hours.

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Good Price! Top 5 Things you can do to save money

  1. Have parking available, this will save you time waiting and the cost of parking won’t be added to you invoice at the end.
  2. Have access to the lock, clean and clear. If a locksmith has to spend time moving your furniture, to get to a window or to a door, this will end up costing you time in labour. If you have the area clear, it will save you money.
  3. Know what you would like done. When you have a locksmith at your place, its important to know what you would like changed or repaired. Spending time on the phone discussing locks and options with your partner or handyman friend, will waste time and leave the locksmith standing around waiting you’re a decision to be made. This is a waste of labour time, but the locksmith still has to charge for. Know when you need and what before your start paying labour.
  4. Book your locksmith for business hours, between 10-4 pm is the cheapest time for a locksmith.
  5. Wait until Monday. If you lose a key or your need your locks changed, it pays to wait until Monday. If you feel your security is not at risk and it can wait, it will save you money, and you will get the same service done by the locksmith at the lowest rate.

Local inspect and quote and advise service include first 10 min $88

Local Service call Parramatta area $121

Open a standard lock by lock picking $11- 33

Change a single sided standard handle lock to a new key $44-55

Supply and install a handle lock – Starting from $88 + Service call

Supply and install a Deadbolt lock  starting from $242

Install a deadlock on a unit door $363

Supply and install window locks $55 -$121

Make keys for small lock $33 – $55

Re-code locks $33 – $88

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If you need the services of one of our locksmith, please call the number above and we can give you an accurate quote over the phone. Most of the prices above will apply but sometimes our prices may be cheaper. It’s best to call and we ask you questions then we can give the best quote after we know what type of locks you have and what you need done with your locks.

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