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Other trading names include. Dr Lock 24 hour , Dr Lock Security ,Dr Lock , Doctor Lock and Alarms, Dr Lock 24h PTY LTD

Dr Lock Parramatta Locksmith service

About Dr Lock Locksmith Parramatta

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Master Security License Locksmith No. 101811  8-7-2025

Public Liability Insurance Locksmith   28-7-2024

Workers Comp Insurance  Locksmith 31/3/24 to 31/3/25 Policy No. 128177601

Master Locksmith Association Member NO. 9424    30-6-2024

Asial Australian Security Industry Association Member No. 18037  30-6-24

ABN – 99 160 273 263

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Dr Lock Security Locksmith service has been providing intelligent and cost-effective security solutions to corporate and residential clients in the  Sydney area since 1995.

Our fleet of mobile Sydney locksmith vans provides 24-hour Locksmith 7-day service in Sydney west Parramatta Sydney city and North shore when possible.

Dr Lock has multiple base locations over Sydney. We are well-known in Parramatta – Hornsby – Sydney CBD –  Ryde – Epping – Chatswood – North Shore – Sydney West – Penrith –  Blacktown – Homebush and more!.

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Our Staff

Over the years we have found that by using only fully qualified tradespeople, our quality of workmanship is maintained.

We make every effort to keep out locksmith up to date with the changes in the locksmith industry and retrain staff when needed.

Dr Lock has some of the latest machinery and key cutting machines to offer high quality and specialised service.

Dr Lock is a member of “ASIAL” Australian Security Industry Association Limited, and also the Master Locksmith Association of Australia, and holds a masters license. 

Dr Lock is holds current PPL and workers compensation insurance to meet the requirements for strata services.

SWIMS safe method statements can be provided for ongoing clients if requested.

Note* Dr Lock does use sub-contractors when needed

Locksmith Work Dr Lock

Some of our locksmith services on offer are

  • Lock opening – Preformed by a trained locksmith
  • Lock changing – Preformed by a trained locksmith
  • Repairing locks – Preformed by our trained locksmiths
  • Installing locks – Preformed by our trained locksmith
  • Installing Safes – Preformed by trained Safe installers
  • Selling Locks – Preformed by a trained locksmiths and staff

About Dr Lock Price

Our prices are competitive and we offer a service that is better than most, because of our experienced staff and our reluctance to take short cuts such as using inexperienced apprentices or lower grade materials is for these reasons our customers continue to rely on us.

Most Dr Lock customers continue to use our locksmith service year after year.

Because of our experienced staff and quality in workmanship are bound to charge the minimum competitive rate.

When you next need a locksmith or start calling around for quotes, ask yourself if the $10 or $15 you save by having the work done by a less reputable business, is worth the chance of compromising your security.

When it comes to locks you must remember that “Your Locks & Security” is an investment.

The quality and the installation are most important parts of your lock and key security.

It’s important that you only trust a reputable locksmith such as Dr Lock with your security needs.

Saving money is not the most important ting when selecting security. 

You may be jeopardising your family’s safety, your businesses safety, and possibly loose irreplaceable sentimental objects, etc.,

“With lock installation you get what you pay for”.

Mobile Locksmith Service Parramatta Sydney

Dr Lock

Is committed to offering the best locksmith service possible and we work closely with a network of locksmiths who specialise and can perform some of the most complexed locksmith duties.

If Dr Lock Locksmiths cannot for any reason help you with your locksmith or security needs, we will always helpfully refer you onto who can.

About Dr Lock

Dr Lock Locksmiths have earned a reputation for reliability, integrity and professionalism in the Sydney community.

The NSW Police Dept., many Real Estate agents and strata’s trust us, not to mention commercial enterprises.

Good service and quality in workmanship is not as expensive as you may think.

 We also

Include other lock servicing techniques that most other locksmith do not, such as lock lubrication and sometimes adjustments as needed, this is normally included with a small minimal service  like changing of the key with your existing lock.

This attention to details that separates Dr Lock locksmith apart from you every day locksmith.

Trusted Locksmith Parramatta Sydney

 Most people

Who are contemplating upgrading their locks or changing their keys would understand that quality and integrity from an honest locksmith is imperative.

Price should not be the governing factor.

If you receive a quote for 20% or even a crazy 50% then the competitive price from any locksmith, You must ask yourself

  • what you are really getting ?
  • How they are doing the work so cheap ?
  • What quality is being sacrificed ?
  • IS my security more or less stronger than before any work was done ?
  • Is my lock work being done by a reputable person /Locksmith ?
  • Is this person a licensed locksmith ?
  • How long have the locksmith been trained for 5 years or more ?
  • Dose the locksmith know what they are doing ?
  • Will I being paying extra for labour if they take longer ?

 If you answer any of the questions with a “NO” or I’m not sure” your best solution would be to go with the trusted Locksmiths.

If you require more information or a hard copy from the?insurance, Please fax a letter of request to: 02 989 12349

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About Dr Lock Locksmiths

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