Keys have become an important part of our lives.

Over the years they have evolved from wood into plastic cards that do not make contact !
Keys have changed into the small metal keys we know today. Today keys come in many different forms and different levels of security. One thing that remains the same despite the shape or the colour is the ability to allow access. A key is simply a means to allow easy access to a lock, the lock provides security against unwanted access. Over the years people have added and changed the shape, size and way our keys work. Today most modern car keys contain a microchip or transponder chip.Where would we be without keys?


The more technical description of a keys :

A key is a device which is used to open a lock. A typical key consists of two parts: the blade, which slides into the key way of the lock and distinguishes between different keys, and the bow, which is left protruding so that torque can be applied by the user. The blade is usually designed to open one specific lock. Keys provide an inexpensive, though imperfect, method of authentication for access to properties like buildings and vehicles. As such, keys are an essential feature of modern living in the developed world

Below are a list of some of the keys that are available in Sydney.
Not all keys are sold by Dr Lock Sydney Locksmith Parramatta


Standard Key :

This system is most common today and is used on homes, shops and padlocks and almost any standard type lock on the market today. Because of its easy ability to have keys duplicated and lock repaired and recorded, it has remained one of the most popular keys on the market. This type of key is also known as a standard brass key.


Round key :

This type of key is a step up in security from the standard brass key, It has a unique shape being round with a vertical groves along the side of the key. This type of key is used on bike locks, motor cycles, vending machines, mailboxes, and some car door lock. It is not always easily duplicated. Finding a locksmith or key cutter who carries the special machine to duplicate this key can be difficult, and a key like this can often cost you 2-3 times more to have duplicated.

Abloy Key

Abloy key :

This type of key was invented in 1907 which is amazing because it has very good security features, one of the main advantage of such a key is that the lock cannot be manipulated open without damage. Over the past 100 or so years people have tried to open this type of lock without damage with little luck which is why it is still in use today along with its reliability. The key is a normal small brass key which looks similar to a common house key, but has unique groves on the side of the key. The most common designs of this key are semi-circle or half round. Finding a person to cut this key is also difficult, depending on the locksmiths key cutting machines, Not all locksmiths can cut this key and it requires a special machine. Key cutting cost is 3-4 times the cost of a normal key.

Security Keys - Do not copy KeyDr Lock Locksmith Sydney Security Keys

Restricted Keys:

Restricted keys are high security keys that cannot be copied by anyone except the locksmith who supplies that type of key. Normally the name and number of the locksmith is displayed on the head of the key. These keys use a unique key shape and profile that is not sold or available except to the particular locksmith. Duplication is only done by the locksmith whose name and number is displayed on the key. The keys are generally stronger and higher in security. Security keys are available for almost all commercial lock, padlocks and more.

Mul-T-Lock Key

Multi lock Key:

This is a multilock key, Originally made on Europe and since then has been used around the world, Mul-T-Lock keys have also changed over the part years, with new technology installed in the keys and locks to allow high levels of security. You can easy identify a Mul-T-lock key buy the unique dimples of the key. Mul-T-Lock has dimples inside dimples along the edge of the key. Mul-T-Lock is a high security product, in the past few years Mul-T-Lock has increased the level of security inside the key and inside the locking system. Some of the extra security installed in the new Mul-T-Lock High security key systems are Anti bump – Anti Pick – Anti Drill – Anti impression – Anti Tension Just to name a few. If you are looking to get a Mul-T-lock key cut and you have your authorisation card see our lock shop. If you do not have the card we cannot help you. If you are looking for a High Security Key system, Dr Lock is now an authorised dealer for Mul-T-Lock and can sell and install this High security product.

Old Key

Mortice key:

This key has been used for hundreds of years. It has been called many things such as , flag key , mortice key , old key , skeleton key etc. There are many different versions of this key, ranging from high to lower security. Generally this type of key is handmade and often takes a good locksmith 15 – 30 minuets to duplicate. This type of key is commonly used on old locks like desks, safes , old door locks , antiques , and more..

Car Key

Car keys:

In the last 30 or so years car keys have become double-sided keys with groves on both sides of the key. Previously use to only have grooves on one side. The reason the car keys have groves on both sides is that they are a conveyance key , meaning it can be used on both sides. You can insert the key and use it face up, or face down. The new car keys also carry a transponder. The transponder is a small chip inside the head of the key, often so small you may not know it is there. The transponder chip is part of the car’s immobilizer built into the car. If the transponder does not match the immobliser in the car’s computer the car will not start. This is common for cars from 1996. A car key with a transponder will cost more than a normal car key. But it will offer greater security.

Bluetooth Key

Bluetooth key :

This little black box allows you to turn you phone into a key ! Once your phone is paired with the device you can use your phone or PDA as a key with the press of a button. This is one of the newest types of keys that has come out in the past years. Because it is electronic it can be adapted to almost any electronic access system, such as automatic doors , swipper card systems , intercom. This device turns your phone into a unique key.

Security Card System

Swiper card:

Swiper card or proximity card is a new electronic key. It uses minute electronics and frequency to communicate with the access control system. This type of key is in the shape of a card and fits nicely in any wallet or purse. Most of these type of cards work by placing them close to the reader, which then opens the door/gate etc. This type of card / key is controlled by a computer or access control system and can be added and deleted electronically. Because each card has its own signature and most of the time encrypted as well. Duplicating the cards is not possible. Proxi cards are another form of high security keys

Remote Key

Remote Key:

Remote key , or keyless entry via a remote is another form of key. It works by sending a frequency to a lock or opening device and then opens. There are many different types of remote keys. Some are high security with rolling codes and some are standard fixed codes, The frequency range does vary as well. Some remotes can be copied and some remotes have to be in rolled to the device. All remotes that send a frequency through the air can be read and sometimes duplicated. Rolling codes use different codes to open and lock each time which increases the security.

Tag Key Swipe

Touch Key:

This key is similar to the swiper card above. It an electronic key with a unique signature that is recognized by the reader and confirmed by the system which then allows to open the door or gate etc.. This key works by touching the metal button against the metal button on the reader commonly on the wall. The key does need to make contact but there is no wear between the key and the reader. This type of key cannot be duplicated, Only new keys can be in rolled into the system or key removed the same way. There are different types of this key for different systems. Not all are compatible.

Finger Key keyless

Finger Key:

In the past few years biometric locks and readers have become available on the security market. They work by reading your finger and therefore turning your finger into a key. Each person has a unique finger print and the biometric reader can read and record the print and once matched allow access. This type of system is now becoming widely used on doors, safes, time locks , and more. This system suits people who don’t want to carry keys or places that have multiple of users. Duplication of the biometric key is not possible and adding and removing finger keys is done


For more information on some of the keys above, you may need to google search for them. Dr Lock locksmith Parramatta Sydney can not keep all the different types of keys in stock, and it is simply not possible to stock all of the old keys available. Dr Lock online lock shop has a wide range of the available keys we have in stock and sell. All of our locksmith have a wide knowledge of all keys on the market and will happy help you find the right locksmith if we can not help you. For more information from our Locksmith Parramatta service click this link. For more information on electronic security click this link


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      If a security key is registered with a particular locksmith, you will have to order that key with them.No other locksmith will cut another locksmiths security key. If they no longer have the blanks, you will have to take that up with them and ask then to reorder them. If they were the people that sold you the key in the first place they should be able to reorder more keys to cut for you.

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