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If you are looking for a locksmith near me in Hornsby Heights, you have found one. Let’s get started by telling you about Dr Lock Hornsby and how we can help you.

For over twenty years Dr Lock has been providing locksmith service in and around the Hornsby area. In that time our locksmiths have seen many changes to the Hornsby area starting with the rebuilding of Westfield Hornsby. 

Hornsby Heights has not seen as many changes as Hornsby, but it has become a little bit more populated than before. 

Our Locksmiths have been changing locks and installing locks in Hornsby Heights for many years, and look forward to many more years of locksmithing in the Hornsby Heights area. 

What makes Dr Lock different from other locksmiths is the ability to provide knowledgeable lock advice that will help our customers keeping burglars out. With time comes experience and there is not much we have not seen. 

Dr Lock provides locksmithing services for both residential and commercial applications. Most importantly our locksmiths are equipped with a range of locks suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

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Locksmiths Change Locks

Most people when they move into a new place in Hornsby Heights, think of the changes they wish to make to their new place. Some think of their security, as a job they can tackle the keys and security is a job that can be done at a later stage. I’m guessing the thought is “I will just pop down to Hornsby Bunnings and buy some locks next weekend”. Well, there are a few issues with this game plan. To start with the nearest bunning is in Thornleigh, the next issue is that installing locks is not as easy as some people make it out to be. 

Locks are security devices used to keep your doors locked, and a deadlock that is incorrectly installed will do one of two things. Kepp the owner out unexpectedly or two not provide good security against burglars. Both are undesirable. 

Secondly installing new locks is more expensive than re-coding locks. That’s correct you can recode your current lock much cheaper and easily compared with buying and installing new hardware. 

The process is quite simple. Call Dr lock Hornsby and we will dispatch our locksmith to come to you in Hornsby heights and recode your locks. The locks are removed from the door and the internal parts are recoded to suit a new key. The old parts that make the old keys will be removed and new parts installed to make the newly shaped keys work. The old keys will not work at all. 

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Dr Lock Hornsby Heights is a Master Locksmith Member

If you are putting off changing your locks because you are waiting for the next free weekend to tackle your security, our locksmiths would suggest you reconsider. 

Your locks are the most important thing to do when you have just moved to the Hornsby Heights area. 

You don’t know who has owned the house or rented the house before you. Dose the old owner of their friend has a spare key floating around? 

Locks are the only way to keep your doors locked and secure. So they are a high priority when you consider you are about to put your most treasured possessions inside your new place. 

Like most tasks, there is an easy way and a hard way. The misconception that locks are easy and cheap and easy to install, may sound like the easy way, but as many new homeowners have found out, it’s the hard way. The easy way is by far tto have a qualified locksmith such as Dr Lock Hornsby come to your place and recode the locks for you. Taking out all the hard work and problems associated with locksmithing and do it all for you. 

Prices start from $55 per lock to remove the lock – recode the lock – refit the lock to the door. That’s $55 per lock, which is a lot better them buying new locks for $85 each and having to reinstall and redrill doors trying to fit the new locks and get them working. 

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Dr Lock Hornsby Heights is a member of Asial

Another key point to remember is that our locksmith can set your locks to operate on the same key. This is known as keying alike. This means you can have one key for many locks. For example, you come home and unlock the front screen door with the single key you carry, then you unlock the handle on the front door and then the deadlock, then walk into the house and unlock the glass sliding door and back screen door. All of this using the same single key. You can also have a colored key made to make identifying your key quick and easy. 

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24 Hour Locksmith Hornsby Heights Area

One of the main services Dr Lock offers is a 24-hour emergency locksmith service. This service is for times when you return home to find you have been burgled or you return home to find you have left your keys inside and locked yourself out. 

Dr lock is one of the few locksmiths that have highly trained staff that can unlock locks without the need to replace the lock, if your lock is in functioning condition and it’s a high-security key that you are using, our locksmith can use lock picks and get you back inside your house or unit. 

Only a few locksmiths in the Hornsby Heights area can off this around-the-clock service. So that means you won’t have to spend the night sleeping in the car until the other locksmiths open. Call Dr Lock Hornsby and we will on our way. Prices for emergency service vary depending on the time. Prices are cheaper during normal business hours if you are prepared to wait, but most of the time it’s not worth waiting all night to save $54 approx. 

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Lock Repair Hornsby Heights

Locks often fail when a door swells in the wet weather of the house settles, this is common. Some locks just give up and fall apart. They are what our locksmiths call time bombs, normally sold at your local hardware shop for very little. Locks can often be repaired if they are a suitable brand and of suitable quality.

The important fact to mention is that our Hornsby locksmith service does carry some of the more common lock parts. So if you need a new door latch or a striker plate for a screen door, our mobile locksmith will have it with them in their locksmith vans.

We aim to repair any repairable locks, this means that the cost can be kept to a minimum and you are not forced to buy another lock. Most of our customers who we explain this to are thankful that they have called Dr lock Hornsby over some of the others. 

So far we have only written about two or three of the most common services our locksmiths can offer. The truth is we offer much more and have a range of 18,000 products to choose from to offer our customers. 

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