Car Key Transponder Chips

Car Key Transponder Chips

Transponder Chips  

Cars keys just about all have a transponder chip in the head of the key in modern cars now. We sell the chip known as transponder chip. If you buy a transponder chip you will need the chip to be programmed into the car, the can will need to be programmed to except the new transponder chip.  

The transponder chip works by sending a small signal to the cars computer when the key is inserted into the cars ignition, this signal contains a code that the cars computer or body control module will read and authenticate against the cars stored keys in memory.

IF the transponder is not correct on not in the cars computer, the car will not start. The car may turn over and sound like it wants to start but it will not start.  

Transponder chips are available from Dr Lock Shop by transponder ID  

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