$17 Lock “Any Good ?”

Not all locks are the same

Today we look at a lock sample from China, yes they are cheap and the images look good when looking over the locks online.

The truth is the real lock and the images are different things.

Before we sell or install any lock our Locksmiths like to get to know the products and look over them to see if they are worthy products for our Locksmith to be using and selling.

Products and quality of the product are important to us and also our customers, when the product lets the customer down it, in turn, lets our business down by upsetting our customers.

For this reason, we need to do our research and test the locks and confirm the mechanisms inside the lock are adequate to do the job they are designed to do.

Often this is the fan part of the job for our locksmiths, not only do we get to lock pick the lock open, we then get to force and abuse the lock until it is defeated or broken.

This lock in the video did not even make it to the testing stage, and you can see why in the video.

Simply dismantling the lock was enough to make the decision not to buy this lock.

The lock key had a strong resemblance to the Bunnings branded lock ikonic. This can not be confirmed but I would bet they are made in the same place. Same keys, same parts, same design, identical !!

The main takeaway from this experience is that “no matter what the lock looks like, it’s not the same”

In the video, I have a close look at the internal parts, and it’s not impressive.

So next time you are at your local hardware and looking to buy a lock based on price, remember you are getting what you pay for.

The lock may look the same, it may look shiny and nice, or look strong. The sad truth is it’s a malfunction away from wrecking your day.

Yes you can use the locks, yes they do work, but for how long?

What will happen if it’s jammed up?

What will be the cost of a new door or a locksmith service to get it opened and replaced?

The truth is as a locksmith whenever we hear the word jammed knob lock, we have a good knowledge of what’s involved, and how time-consuming it can be to get the broken part without damaging the door.

It takes time, and time is money. On a good day, you would be happy paying around $330 for the door to get opened and the lock replaced.

Sometimes the price does go higher if it takes longer to get the door unlocked. As professional locksmiths, it’s our job to try and save the door and not damage the door.

So this process can take time as every lock and every door is different.

If you are looking for locks have a look at our lock shop, we have a wide range of locks that have been tested and are reliable and suitable for everyday use.


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