Copy a Do Not Copy Key ?

 What is a do not copy security key ?

Restricted keys are keys that are restricted by patent and are made using a registered design. The design is registered and has a patent attached to the complex shape and lock mechanisms that make the lock operate.

Duplicating the same or the mechanisms of the lock and key will be in breach of copyright laws in Australia. The registered design is most of the time registered around the world as well.

This prevents the duplication and manufacture of key blanks by anyone other than the original Locksmith.

The original locksmith, who sells the restricted key, is a dealer of that particular registered key.This provides the ultimate in security against unapproved key duplication.

Dr Lock has access to a unique security key that is exclusive to Dr Lock locksmith Sydney.

In general a security key is a key with higher security.

You are to give a staff member a key you can rest assured the key can not be duplicated their for maintaining the integrity of your locks. A restricted key cylinder has an added security feature of a narrow and unique key shape that does not allow easily lock picking the same as a normal lock cylinder would.

Dr Lock also uses the added security of security pins, by using security pins the lock security is maximised.

If you are interested in having security keys installed on your business or building, please call one of our friendly locksmiths, who can explain the process and give you a quote to change your current locks to the more secure “Do not copy keys”. Dr Lock does have different levels of security, from standard security keys to High security keys available.

Security Key Examples – We Do not cut or supply all the examples

Do not copy key Mul t lock Do not copy key lockwood restricted Do not copy key KABA Do not copy key IP restrictedDo not copy key MT5Do not copy key Abloy

Please note:

We do not cut any DO NOT COPY KEYS unless they have the Dr Lock Logo.

Please don’t ask !

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