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Dr Lock is no longer offering electronic security at this time 

Security can come in a few different forms, as a locksmith most people think of locks and keys as the products that a locksmith offers for security.
In the past 20 years electronic security has been increasingly growing and expanding to cover more ways to provide security as well as integrate electronic security into you every day comforts.

Top 4 Electronic Security Systems


Dr Lock has been installing security alarms for a number of years, alarm systems that not only have a flashing blue light and a siren, but alarm system that can be custom-made to suit your requirements. Security alarm systems can also be mounted with back to base alarm monitoring, this allows the owner complete control and access to a security company that can respond and handle any situation that may arise from alarm activation

Electronic Security Alarm SirenElectrinic Security Alarm system

Electronic security also includes, CCTV, which is short for “Close circuit television” Security cameras are growing in popularity and becoming more and more accepting by the general public. Security cameras not only protect the owner of the security camera system, they also protect the general public and provide the police evidence, should an even happen. The use of security cameras will help reduce false insurance clams as well as provide excellent security.

Electrinic Security CameraElectrinic Security Camera sign

intercom are another form of electronic security that can be used in conjunction with other parts of your electronic security. intercom allow you to see who is at the door before you open the door, also allowing you to unlock a door for a visitor or guest, without the need to go to the door and unlock it. Door stations and intercom are a lot more convenient that other methods of communicating with visitors and door-to-door salespeople.

Electronic Security Intercom door stationElectronic Security Intercom

Access control is a way to allow some people to have entry and some people not to have entry. The use of swipe cards and tokens is just a few devices that access control systems use. More and more we are seeing access control systems with more capabilities than ever before. Some alarm system now incorporate access control into their systems, making access control more affordable and friendly.

Electronic Security Access ControlElectronic Security Access Control System

From 2015 Dr Lock will no longer be servicing intercom and alarm systems, due to a lack of man power and the cost to provide this service, it’s just not profitable to do so, when large companies are offering the same service at a supersized price to in trap you on a contract. At this time we do not believe in contracts for our customers and because of this reason the service is non profitable and will be scaled down to only include new installations and service of systems that have been completely installed by Dr Lock only.

We still will offer electronic security such as Security camera systems – access control systems and more. We no longer service other company’s systems that they installed. If you are looking for new electronic security systems our staff can help. If you are looking for service and repair work for your alarm – intercom – camera system – access control than sadly we no longer offer this service

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