Insurance Dr Lock Locksmith & Licence

Insurance and policy details for Dr Lock Locksmith

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Because we do a lot of work for real estates and strata origination.

It is required to supply a copy of all the current insurance and policies’ for Dr Lock Locksmith Parramatta.

We have posted the details to make it easier for our clients to be able to print a copy for their records.

Each policy remains the same year after year. It’s only the dates that change, and we will continue to update this page as they change.


All insurance is held with GIO

  • Work cover No. 526900 Policy No. WC514693157
  • Public Liability Policy No. SB9L322935
  • Master License NSW No. 101811


If you require more information or a hard copy from the insurance, Please fax a letter of request to:

02 989 12349

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