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Parramatta City is the second city in Sydney, local residents that live or work in the Parramatta area will tell you that Parramatta is a city. Because of the rapid development that is happing in the Parramatta area more and more people are moving to Parramatta and many more are starting to work in the Parramatta city area.

In the past 10 years that Dr Lock has been located in Parramatta, our locksmiths have seen building demolished and new building built. In the past 2 years alone our locksmiths have seen over 5 high rise building pop up over night.

Being a local locksmith in Parramatta city, we are often called upon by building manages that are managing their new buildings to come and clean up the key systems after the building is built. When a high rise is built often there is a few locks here and their, that need a little adjustment or a master key system installed that will allow the building manager to use a single key rather then a large bunch of keys. There is nothing worse then a large bunch of keys. Its quite frustrating to have to carry a large bunch of keys, and also its even more frustrating to have to work out which keys works the locks you wish to open, every time you need to access a door. This is where Dr Lock can help. Simplifying you bunch of keys and installing a master key system will be rewarding for many years to come, every time you go to use a lock.

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With the new residents that are moving into Parramatta City, the Dr Lock team of locksmiths would like to say “Welcome” and help you key your new home or unit safe with additional locks and also reassuring you that our locksmiths are available if you accidently for get you new keys and lock yourself out. The most common time to lock your self out is when you first move in. The next popular time to forget your keys is when you take the rubbish out or check the mail. Lastly the other popular time to leave your keys inside is when you move out. For some reason this seems to be a trend that can happen to all of us.
Rest assured that when you need a locksmith our trusted and highly trained locksmiths are available for you when you need us. Because we are local locksmiths we are knowledgeable on all the different types of locks and keys used on all the new high rises and almost all of the new places being build in Parramatta, this means that we will save you time and money because our locksmiths know what they are doing and how to fix your locks quickly and efficiently.

Keep Dr Lock in mind the next time you need a locksmith in Parramatta City, All of our locksmith carry a mobile eftpos terminal for payment, and all of our locksmiths are approved and trained. We look forward to helping you with you locks and keys in the future.