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A Lock is a mechanical fastening device which may be used on a door, vehicle, or container, restricting access to the area or property enclosed. Commonly, it can be released by using a key or combination.

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Lock have been a part of our lives for the last 4,000 years. Some of the first lock were discovered by archaeologist in the Nineveh regions, which date back as far as 4,000 years. Some of the first types of locks used a similar system that we still use today. Known as the pin tumbler. The original locks consisted of a large piece of wood with several holes and points on the end, which was passed through a hole in the door and inserted into the lock located at the rear of the door which prevented the lock from opening. Since than locks have improved dramatically and have evolved into small metal keys with micro chips embedded into them which have the ability to be tracked and their uses recorded or limited electronically by the push of a button!

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Today locks have become somewhat routine as to their designs and applications and installations, because of building regulations and fire regulations as well as mass productions, this has led the decline of old fashion hand-made locks and old fancy innovative designs that once were around. Today we use a variety of locks for home and commercial applications which have improved on the old designs. The common lock re-coding or replacement parts are now possible and ordered with little fuss compared with having parts made by hand. We have come a long way in the security industry and now not only do the locks meet a level of standards so do the locksmiths who service and install them!

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Locks are a parts of all of our lives they help keep our belonging safe, The common house may have up to 30 or more locks fitted to provide security for the occupants and may range from the simplest of latches to the most complex high security swipe cards access control system, but they all provide the same function “Keeping people out” The level of resistance is measured by the grade and quality of the lock. Cheap and nasty locks never better the high security quality made locks .So it is most important to choose wisely when choosing your locks.Dr Locksmith Parramatta has a team of locksmiths that can help you select the right locks for you. Call our locksmiths for more info

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When you compare This type of key was invented in 1907 which is amazing because it has very good security features, one of the main advantage of such a key is that the lock cannot be manipulated open without damage. Over the past 100 or so years people have tried to open this type of lock without damage with little luck which is why it is still in use today along with its reliability. The key is a normal small brass key which looks similar to a common house key, but has unique groves on the side of the key. The most common designs of this key are semi-circle or half round. Finding a person to cut this key is also difficult, depending on the locksmiths key cutting machines, Not all locksmiths can cut this key and it requires a special machine. Key cutting cost is 3-4 times the cost of a normal key.

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Restricted Keys: your home insurance policy on your home to your physical security do they add up to the same equation? For example if you insured your house hold belonging for $50,000 would your locks reflect $50,000 worth of security? Are your locks and deadlocks adequate to secure $50,000 worth of goods? Not to mention personal security and the security of your loved ones. Most people use the deadlocks that came with the house or assume the current lock fitted are reasonable, which is a common and inappropriate mistake! As time has progressed and lock designs have continually been updated the level of security has been maximized and your common home Dead latch deadlock is now more secure than before, using extra long screws, anti forcing mechanisms, anti bumping resistant designs and so on. So if you have neglected your locks or overlooked them or have not upgraded them in the last 5 years, moved house or changed premises, you should absolutely consider an upgrade. Prices start from a couple of hundred dollars for a new deadlock and range up from their with the protective levels. Though you can live in the past and use ancient locking devices even in the 2000’s but it’s not advised, Burglars are even more knowledgeable today more than ever, Information and accessibility to learning videos on the internet has led to an increase of burglaries by burglars finding ways to quickly open doors with little or no damage. The best advice from our Dr Lock Locksmith team is to Upgrade Upgrade,

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