Locks Systems And Electronic Security

Lock Systems And Electronic Security

With years of experience in the locksmith industry our Locksmith service has posted a number of blogs to help you design a security system as well as choosing a lock system that will not only comply with the regulations, but also give you the best security for your environment.

Find the Locks you need.

So it’s come time to choose a lock system that will suit your security needs, and you ask yourself the question anywhere do I start and what lock systems are available?   The first place to start is to find out some information on your location of where you need the security system or locking system installed.

Lock Key and Locks Master Key

For an example if you have a garage down the back yard of your property and you are trying to improve the security with a lock system and electronic security system, you will need to find out if the security system is suitable and possible to be installed on your particular type of building.

You can start by looking at the doors and see if your doors are doors that open in or if the door opens out. The simple way to test is to stand on the outside and open the door. If you pull the door  open then it’s an open out. If you push the door, then it’s an open in door.

Find The Electronic Security System That Suits You

The next step is to look at the walls. Most security systems need wires to connect all the components, If you have a double brick wall or single brick wall, it will not be possible to hide the wires inside the wall and the wires will need to be fixed to the inside wall. So you will need to find out what type of wall you have. The most common are Double Brick ” Single Brick ” Weatherboard “sheeting ” Corrugated Iron ” Wood.

Installation Of the electronic Security System

One of the main over looked pieces of information, that are often forgotten about is the roof. When you are looking over the construction of a building you need to look at the roof to find out what material the roof is made from, and if the roof contains a cavity for wiring of the security system.

Lock Fire Regulations

The last point you will need to investigate before you start looking at security systems is the fire regulations that apply to you building. Does your building have a green exit sign at the front door? Does your building use central locking locks in the event of a fire? What council requirements or regulations apply to the building? It is recommended that you do some research before installing large expensive security systems or locking systems, to confirm that you comply with all the fire and safety regulations.

Once you have done your investigation on the property and the building construction and regulations, you now can start to design a lock system.

Locks come in many shapes and sizes and with a number of different functions. You will need to take some time and clearly identify the best way to lock the door and the best way to unlock the door.

Easy To Use Locks

By having your locking system setup to operate the way that best suits you, you can avoid problems down the track, such as locking yourself out and forgetting to lock the door. The most important function to keep in mind when designing a locking system is the ability to exit, in the event of an emergency or fire.

With the increase in locking system technology and automation, locks and doors have more capability than ever before, The ability to central lock or the ability to indicate if the door remains open or open for too long, these are just a few small new function that some of the new locking systems are capable of.

Alarms – Access Control – Security Systems

Dr Lock no longer offer alarm service and install 

Electronic security is another form of protection that can help you secure your property. With the above questions answered, it is now possible to design an electronic security system that is suited to the building needs. The options that are available for electronic security are always increasing and the flexibility of the electronic security systems is also expanding to be able to do more functions and give you more control.

Alarm System

Lock Systems can be complex, the staff at Dr Lock Locksmith Parramatta can help you choose the lock system that can give you the most protection or standard protection for low-level security risk applications.

With the above information, your choice of locking system will be suited to your needs and operate the way that is most comfortable for the user or owner

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