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Locksmith Camellia NSW

Big plans have been drawn up for Camellia, most people refer to Camellia as Rosehill or behind the racecourse, and Camellia is a small industrial suburbe that not many people know about. Over the next few years their has been big plans that the location of Camellia will be changed from industrial to accommodate some high rise hotels that over lock the lovely rose hill race course.

Camellia is also located next to the Parramatta River; there are many locations in Camellia that will be developed over the next few years. Dr Lock is location in Parramatta only 2km down the road from Camellia. Our locksmith have serviced many locks on commercial premises over they years. There is a large amount of commercial properties in the area and most of the work we preform in Camellia is for commercial factories.

There are also a large number of trucks and prime movers in Camellia; because of this our locksmiths have been asked to provide service on trucks as well. Some of the locksmith services we have preformed in the past few years is, making keys for Kenworth trucks, unlocking Volvo prime mover, Unlocking Mack tucks, Removing king pin lock, Unlocking tool boxes. When trucks are your business, its handy to know that there is a local locksmith in Parramatta that can help you should you have a lock or key problem with your truck.

Once a year there is a large caravan and motorhome expo in Camellia / Rosehill, like all vehicles on the road they too have keys and locks. In the past our locksmiths have had to open caravans that the keys were lost and also open jammed doors on caravans.

Camellia in Locksmith SydneyCamellia LocksmithLocksmith Camellia NSW

Parramatta has auto ally, that is a huge car dealer location, Camellia is located just behind this area, so its makes sense to have some car holding yards close to auto ally, this means that our locksmith have the chance to work on some new and exciting cars not yet to hit the streets. Even bran new cars can have lost keys; sometimes during the importing stage keys go missing. Once again Dr Lock has been able to unlock and make keys to all kinds of locks and keys relating to new cars that are held in Camellia. Please not that we cannot do every car on the market. If it is possible we will help.

Commercial locksmith work is common for the Dr Lock locksmiths, some of the work we have preformed in Camellia is installing locks, changing standard locks into high security keys locks as well as security cameras and alarms. When you are in a strictly commercial area its wise to have high security locks and security. Often thieves have more time and fewer neighbors to worry about then compared with residential locations, your lock and security must be strong and standup to the test of preventing intruders. That’s where Dr Lock can help you.

If you need any of the above locksmith work, or you need your security improved, call Dr Lock and we can find ways to improve your security. Our friendly staffs have been servicing Camellia and the surrounding areas for well over 10 years; many people and business have been helped by our trusted locksmith service. We look forward to the next 10 years and the exciting new range of lock and keys challenges that we will tackle next in Camellia NSW.




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