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Locksmith Chester Hill SYD

If you are in the market for more locks, you have come to the right place, Dr Lock locksmith is a locksmith service that works and provides mobile locksmiths in Chester Hill area in Sydney, we can send a locksmith to your place and install new locks as well as recode your current locks so that the old keys don’t work.

When it comes to your locks, it important to have them fitted by a locksmith apart from having them installed by someone that thinks they know all about locks. What we see time and again is that if your locks are not installed as per the instructions, they tend not to work reliably, and often they will provide less security then they were designed too.

Dr Lock has been providing mobile locksmith service for close to 20 years in the Sydney area; we have a team of locksmith that is on the road all the time. If you need a locksmith in your local area of Chester Hill, we hope you keep Dr Lock in mind.

Locks and security can be quite complicated, its hard to know what you need and if the locks you choose will provide the security you hope it will, its much more easier to just call one of our locksmiths and have them explain what locks would best suit you and how to best install the lock. Our locksmiths have all the necessary tools and tricks to install the lock correctly.

Locksmith in Chester Hill Sydney NSW Locksmith in Chester Hill NSW Locksmith Chester Hill  Locksmith Chester Hill Sydney NSW

Often having a locksmith come to you is cheaper in the long run, and will save you time and frustration, why spend your valuable Saturdays and Sundays running back and forth to the hardware and having to return locks and buy locks, what more try and install the locks without the proper tools and knowledge, when you can just call a professional locksmith to come and do the lock work for you. It dose cost more then if you were to install your own locks, but you get much more in service and finished quality.

When our locksmiths install a lock, we give warranty on the lock that we supply, should you have a problem within the warranty period, our locksmiths will return and fix the problem free of charge to you. When Dr Lock installs a lock for you, you have peace of mind that the lock is installed correctly and that it will provide the security you expect.

Some of the other locksmith services that we provide in Chester Hill are listed below. Should you need another service that is not listed, simply call our friendly locksmiths and we can give you a quote over the phone and confirm that our locksmith can help?

Chester Hill LocksmithChester Hill Locksmith ServiceLocksmith Chester Hill SydneyChester Hill Locksmith Service NSW

Open Locks. Yes unlocking locks is part of the duties of our locksmiths, we have gone to Chester Hill many times to unlock a car or unit, where the keys have been lock inside and the owner is outside. If you find you have locked yourself out, simply call our expert locksmiths and they will get you back inside.

Change Locks. most people don’t know that when they want to change the keys on their house they don’t need to buy new locks. Often they have just moved in or lost keys, it can be done cheaply without needing to buy new locks. Our locksmith can recode the current lock to suit a new key; we install new parts in the lock to suit a new shape key. The old keys will no longer work, its physically imposable for the old keys to work. Changing locks dose not mean you need new locks!

Installing Locks. Every day our locksmith install locks, ranging from deadlocks to window locks and bolt locks, if you feel you need more security at your place in Chester Hill, speak with our locksmiths, they can advise you on what locks will give you best security, and also help you choose a lock that complies with fire regulations.

Security Keys – If you run a business or retail outlet, it’s important to have security keys that cannot be duplicated. If you use normal keys, your staff can get a key copied for less the $5 and return and steal from your business, without you ever knowing that a key was made. This is why security keys are used to stop any unwanted key duplication. Security keys also improve the security in the lock, making it harder or if not imposable to lock pick and lock bump the lock open.

Security Mailbox – If you have important information in your mailbox, its wise to install a security mailbox lock, a number of police and news shows have been making statements about the mail theft problem over the last year, many of the standard mailbox locks offer little or no protection for your mail. Thieves who create a profile on you, to allow them to activate and access your accounts, can use your mail against you. This has been an increasing problem in the Sydney West area and the problem includes Chester Hill.

When you think of locks, think Dr Lock. We are always available and can help you with your lock and key problems fast.

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