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Dundas Valley locksmith

Dundas Valley is located only minutes from Parramatta, because our locksmiths are located in Parramatta, it’s a quick and easy trip to Dundas Valley.
We offer a mobile locksmith service for Dundas and Dundas Valley area. We do not have a key cutting shop in Dundas Valley. If you are looking for a key cutting shop you can find one in Carlingford Court. The service our locksmith offer is one that can come to you and fix your locks on the spot.

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When you have a broken lock in your home our unit in Dundas Valley, you simple need to call our locksmith service and we can send a fully trained locksmith to your place to look at the broken lock and either repair of suggest a suitable replacement. Repairing locks is just one of the things our locksmiths can help you with.
Locked Out? If you have ever left you home without your keys and head the door lock behind you, you will know the feeling of being locked out. It’s often a frustrating experience that can be costly and time consuming. With our Dundas Valley service it dose not need to costly, we can send a locksmith to your place to unlock the door, and prices start from $88*. It doses not need to be a time consuming experience as our locksmiths attend to you in a fast manner. Most of our customers are back inside their home or unit in about 10-50min after ringing our locksmiths. The time depends on the traffic and the current work load of our locksmith that is closest to you when calling.
Need extra security? Adding a deadlock or deadbolt will improve your lock security, deadlocks and deadbolts start from $242* installed. You do not need to buy the locks our locksmith carry a range of deadlocks and other locks with them, you simply need to call and speak with our friendly locksmith to arrange a time.

Dundas Valley Service Locksmith

Security mailbox locks is another new service that as locksmiths we now provide. People in Dundas Valley are reporting that their important mail is being stolen and are needing to improve their mailbox lock to prevent mail being stolen. We have the solution. Dr Lock locksmith has been installing security mailbox locks for years and helping people keep their mail safe. If you feel you have had your mail tampered with, speak with our locksmith who can give you a price over the phone to improve the security of your mailbox by installing a security mailbox lock. Often you will receive a cheaper price for the more locks you need to have installed.
24 hour locksmith service is available the Dundas Valley area, if you arrive home and find that you have been broken into and need to get a lock repaired our get your house our unit secured, our locksmiths can help. It dose not matter the time as we have locksmiths on duty 365 days a year 24 hours a day.
Payment. We except eftpos as a payment or cash, we do not give accounts to people or business unless they use our service regularly. Please note that we do not bill the department of housing, should you need a locksmith and you are with the department of housing, you will need to organize with them for locksmith service. We do not invoice or bill them.

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