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We have seen a lot of changes in Eastwood over the years, Eastwood has grown and more people are now calling Eastwood home. To accommodate the new people that have moved into Eastwood, more and more units have been built and more shopping centers have been added, such as the Audi building.
One of the most important things about living in a unit is having a good quality deadlock on your door. When you only have one door it’s important that your door locks properly and keeps you and your belonging safe.
We have a team of locksmiths that work in the Eastwood area all the time, our locksmith are available 24 hours a day to help you with your lock and key needs in Eastwood.
Should you find that you have forgotten your keys to your unit in Eastwood and you have no way to get back inside “Don’t Panic” our locksmith can come to you and unlock your door and get you back inside “Fast”
One of the services that our locksmiths offer is changing your locks to suit a new key; this is a fresh key that our locksmith can make work your lock. When you just move into your new place in Eastwood, its important to change the lock to a fresh key so the old key can no longer give entry to you home or unit. This is a quick and easy job for our locksmiths. The cost of changing locks is often quite low for one or two locks.
Are you securing in your home? Do you feel that every security measure has been taken to properly protect your family and the items of value to you? If you have a doubt in any of this Dr Lock locksmith can help. We are a group of trained professionals and top of the line individuals both in common courtesy and the background of locksmith abilities. We take your every worry into concern and address them with professional precision. We have a master’s license in the locksmith background and are properly insured covering all grounds and bases. We provided a service that is 100% revolved around giving you the best the business has to offer so please allow us to make your life that much safer. We look forward to serving you and your locksmith needs in the Eastwood area.
Our motto is that you can’t go wrong when you are investing in the safety of your family and prized possessions. When it comes to properly choosing the right set of locks for your home there are variables to consider and our group of trained professionals can tell you exactly what needs to be done for your home layout. They also specialize in potential weak points of a home to insure they are given the proper attention and addressed to provide the security they need to.

As a customer of Dr Lock, we see to it that you are provided a professional service and treated with utmost courtesy. We care about our customers as if they are family because their safety is in our hands. We offer the best service in the business of security so please contact us so that we can make sure you are taken care of the way you should be.

Tip Of the Week!

Keep your keys hidden and not in view of others. With the new technology that is now becoming available, thieves can take a photo of you keys and remake your key using software to decode the key and recut the key to the right measurement. This is being done by taking photos from over a hundred feet away. Now with the introduction of 3d printers it’s possible and has been done to print a key that was not meant to be copied. Thieves can see your keys, then they can copy them. It wont be long till more and more stories are heard of thieves using the above methods. Keep you keys hidden and in a safe place and avoid any issues or security breaches

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