Locksmith Granville

Locksmith Granville

Have you looked to see that the locks of your home are in fully functioning order and working to the extent you expect them to? Have you had concerns about the well-being and safety of your family? The locks of our homes provide us with a sense of security and if you are questioning whether they are doing their job to the standard they should be, contact us. At Dr Lock Security Parramatta, are available to assist when you need us most. Our service offerings include 24 hr locksmiths Granville, locksmith Granville, and emergency locksmiths Granville. We look out for our customers because you truly matter and your safety comes first.

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Our Locksmiths offer a wide range of professional Locksmith services

We offer a variety of services whether it is the sale of a lock, the change of a key, or even letting you in to a home you locked yourself out of. We believe in everything a lock has to offer and make it our personal responsibility to insure that every aspect is covered leaving you with a strong product that meets all your service needs. Don’t think about what might happen without a secure home another moment, contact us and we will see to it that every security concern is addressed.

24 Hr Locksmith Service: Always Here

We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The security of a home shouldn’t be sectored off around a time that we are open for business; we understand security is a vital essential to life every day. Under the circumstances that it is compromised we are available right when you need us and are as simple to reach as a phone call. Let us take your security malfunction and turn it into a tightly sealed home with the peace of mind that our trained professionals have to offer. We are here to service your security needs.

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Locksmith Tip of the Week

Never leave your keys in plane sight, their is now new programs and high resolution cameras that can take a photo of your keys from as far as 600ft away, this image can be used to duplicate a key. The new software that has just hit the market helps make a key from an image, that can then open your home or unit. Some clever thieves have started using this technology and most people have no clue that their key has been duplicated. Use a restricted or high security key for you most important places, such as your home or office. Our locksmith can offer a lock service in Granville that can come to you and upgrade your locks to a key system that can not be copied even with an image. The software is only useable for standard low security locks that most people have. High security keys only cost about 30- 50 % more and offer a much higher level of security.

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