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a locksmith is often an unexpected experience, from
time to time we all need to call a locksmith to help us with our lock
and key
problems. If you live in the Marylands area of Sydney and you are
looking for a
mobile locksmith to come to your house, Dr Lock can help;

best choice for a locksmith service in Merrylands is Dr
Lock locksmiths. Dr Lock locksmith is located in Parramatta only
minutes away
from Marylands, so when you require a mobile locksmith our office will
one of our mobile locksmiths to you in the fastest time possible.

you need a locksmith in the Maryland area our
locksmiths can respond very quickly, often the response time of the
area can be as little as 5 to 10 min and a maximum of 60 min, depending
where our locksmiths are at the time you call, although they might be
the corner or up the street from you in Marylands, our locksmiths will
every effort to attend to you in the fastest time possible.

when you need a locksmith in is often unexpected
experience and having to wait longer than necessary can be a
experience. Dr Lock locksmith service the Maryland area because we are
so close it allows our locksmiths to apply their local knowledge of the
Maryland area and be able to get through the traffic as fast as

all Marylands locksmith’s are from the Maryland area,
when you do a search for your local locksmith you will be bombarded
locksmiths advertising local Marylands locksmith or even that they are
Maryland, but the truth is that very few locksmiths actually are in the
Maryland area, if you unexpectedly book locksmith who is outside the
area you
most likely will find yourself having to wait a longer period than what
would if you have booked a local locksmith such as Dr lock is located
Parramatta. We are a local locksmith that can always attend to you
quicker than
somebody who has to travel further distance.

Service area in Sydney

Lock services many parts of the Sydney area, our
locksmiths are located in different locations around Sydney and we have
multiple branches which allow our locksmiths to service different
regions of
Sydney. For the Marylands area our locksmiths would be dispatched from
Parramatta branch which is only located 3 min of the Road from
Marylands is

Dr Lock in mind if you have friends and family around
the Sydney area that require a locksmith our team of locksmiths also
the Hills district  also
the North Shore and
West area. So if your friends and
family require the help of a locksmith Dr Lock can help.

Sydney is a very wide place and the traffic is
always increasing, it is very hard to service the entire area of
Sydney. If you
require service outside of our service area we will try and help you by
you on who you can call.


everybody who books a locksmith asked the question
how much will it cost and how can I pay. For the first question our
are equipped with mobile Eftpos machines which allow them to process
cards and credit cards spot without needing you to provide cash. Our
method of payment is Eftpos or cash and sometimes account.

you require an account with Dr Lock please note that we
have terms and conditions which you must agree to before we will be
able to set
up an account for you. Accounts are only available to businesses that
use our business
on a weekly basis. Accounts are also only available to companies who
agreed to our companies’ terms and conditions. If you need
more information on
setting up an account please e-mail our office will be able to explain
conditions to.

locksmiths provide a fast and effective locksmith
service in return our locksmiths require payment after the job is
completed you
can choose one of three methods for payment, but please be aware that
is required on completion of the work.

Best Price

the best price is quite hard, our locksmiths are
negotiable on some of their prices and from time to time we can do a
better price
and work out a better deal for you.

lot of locksmiths advertise different prices but when you comparing
the different prices you must also compare the quality of service that
you will
receive and also the timeframe in which you will receive it. Not all
brands of
locks are the same and not all quality workmanship is the same keeping
this in
mind you must ask yourself, if the price is a few dollars cheaper what
or service will be reduced to compensate the price.

it comes to security it is best you use quality parts
and have locks and keys serviced by a licensed trained locksmith, this
is the
only way to guarantee that you will get the service you have paid for
and the
quality which will provide you the most security.

Dr Lock staff is all licensed and fully qualified and we
do offer discounts a seniors and also in some occasions where you have
a large
order we can also give a bulk discount, but most of all it’s the
service and
quality that separates us from other locksmiths who try to offer prices
a few
dollars cheaper.

Brands we sell

would have to be one of the most well-known lock
brands in Australia, if you mention Lockwood chances are everyone has
heard of
them, Lockwood locks are very good and they are one of the main brands
we sell
and install, but for a lot of people the Lockwood locks are not always
the best
choice. Being professional locksmiths we have access to other brands
provide a high level of security and sometimes are better suited for
application. Some of the brands that our locksmiths use are Lockwood,
Carbine, just to name a few.

don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good quality
locks installed. Dr Lock uses brands such as carbine or Brava so you
can have a
quality lock without the large price tag. Often a lot of brand name
items are
sold at a higher price, and often the quality is the same as other
locks. If
you would like more information on some the locks that we supply feel
free to
contact our office who will give you more information and prices .

Locksmith Merrylands $88* Dr Lock Call 02 989 12345

Security tips 211

of the best security tips that we have heard this month
would have to be.

carry a large bunch of keys in your pocket with your

this sounds
like a very straightforward it is also a very practical security tip
which can
save you a lot of time and money. Most people who have a set of keys
often have
a reasonable sized bunch sometimes you have a few extra keys which are
longer used or you have keys for different locations that are all
attached to
the same keying which means that you are carrying a large bunch of

first place that everybody puts keys is in their pocket,
by having the keys in your pocket allows you to keep the key safe and
with you at
all times, so you don’t lose them and also so you know where they are
when you
need them.

problem is that with today’s technology we are also
carrying other expensive devices such as iPhones, iPads, smart phones,
in our
pockets as well. This means that our sharp metal bunch of keys and our
technology are put in the same place, in your pocket.

you have a bunch of metal keys in your pocket they have
the ability to scratch or damage anything that you might have your
pocket with
them when you walk around, the movement of the keys is enough to
scratch your
iPhone screen or even break and crack the screen of a mobile phone when
down. When you push a bunch of keys into a smart phone the results are
beneficial for smart phone or iPhone.

security tip of the month is keep your bunch of keys and
you expensive phones apart this will increase the life of your iPhone
and save
you from having to replace the screen of your iPhone or smart phone.

How to info

locksmiths are always confronted with people who like to
deal with their own security and install their own locks, for certain
locks and
security devices it is possible to DIY or install them yourself with
knowledge and minimal skills that are required. Some carpenters or
are able to successfully replaced cylinders or install security devices
the need of a professional locksmith.

locksmiths do give advice and help other tradespeople or
handyman who requires some more information on how to install security
locks properly.

of the ways that our locksmith staff have been able to
help out other customers in the past is by providing videos or
manuals on certain locks which they might not have available to them.
locksmiths have also compiled some helpful videos which you can watch
to help
explain some of the more important aspects of the locks we sell.

Locksmith video help

Lock team has put together over 100 videos on the items
that we sell. All of those items are explained with measurements sizes
colours and are available to anyone who wishes to watch them on U-tube.
is an example of one of the movies which our locksmiths have placed

you have a question or a problem with the lock, you can
e-mail our locksmiths and from time to time we are able to produce a
video to
explain the problem and help you with the problem and also allow others
share the solution to the lock problem you are having.

are quite busy and we cannot guarantee an instant
response or that we can produce an instant video to help you with your
trouble. Feel free to look through our locksmith videos to see if you
can find
answers to your question before you e-mail, chances are we have
already addressed the question or have help somebody else out and it’s
the same

Lock shop

a lock shop in the Merrylands area is quite
difficult there are a few places that cut Keys in the Merrylands area
but there
is no place to actually buy deadlocks and security items.

you are looking for a locksmith shop the best place to
look is online “Dr Lock shop” has a wide variety of
locks security devices and
fancy keys all available online and ready to be shipped out you.

is no store in the Maryland area that has as wide as
selection that compares to what Dr Lock shop does online.

you purchase a
lock or key from our online shop you will be provided with a
locksmith opinion and advice on the product as well as measurements
videos and also the best price available for that item.

from a retail shop means that the locksmiths who provide
that retail shop have to sell enough products to pay for the rent of
the premises;
because Dr Lock shop is online we do not need to charge a premium on
top of the
lock price to our customers.

times when you go into a locksmith shop you will find
that you have to wait until the person in front of you has finished
every question under the sun, before the locksmith will have the time
to answer
your questions and help you with your lock needs.

can be very frustrating to most people, in today’s
society we all like to have our questions answered as quickly as
possible and
by buying items online it allows you access to technical information as
well as
videos and pictures. This is a lot more than what you would normally
see or
learn about from a retail shop.

locksmiths are also available by e-mail or phone if you
need extra help or if you need help choosing an item online we also
update our lock catalogue to include more locks that are new or not

of the large amount of products which we do sell in
our lock shop we are always adding products. Often when they are
requested or
required, so if you do need an item which is not listed please e-mail
us and
will be happy to list.

of the items in our lock shop can be installed by our
locksmiths. The prices are different to have our locksmiths install
Locks and
product might be slightly cheaper online, but our locksmiths do provide
service in the Maryland area and if you need more information on that
call the number above


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