Are you a North Parramatta Locksmith?

We get asked the question almost every day, Are you a Merrylands Locksmith, or are you a Westmead locksmith. The simple answer is that our locksmiths are mobile. This means that they do not stay in the one place.

Dr Lock Locksmith has a base location in Parramatta CBD on Campbell St, and also an office in the Hills district. When one of our locksmiths is needed, they leave from the office and attend. That’s if our locksmiths are not already on the road at the time.

Our locksmiths are always mobile, when you next call a locksmith there is a chance that they could be anywhere in the area, It’s not uncommon to be a few streets away or 20 to 30min away.

When you need a locksmith in Parramatta, or Westmead, Dr Lock is you fastest and closest locksmith in town. We do advertise Westmead and Merrylands, because these suburbs are only minutes away and our locksmiths can drive from Merrylands to Parramatta and Parramatta to Westmead in under a few minutes.


Are you a North Parramatta Locksmith? — 4 Comments

    • Hello, Thank You for your comment. Our locksmiths are located in Parramatta & North Parramatta, So our locksmiths work locally. We also do have other staff in other parts of Sydney, so it depends on your location, to which locksmith is sent to you. We send our nearest locksmith we have on duty. Our locksmiths do travel out of the local area when needed.

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